Thursday, April 11, 2013

Washington DC pt. 2

After we went to Arlington we went across the bridge to DC...we drove on this day and I can tell you this....not so smart. Insanely busy and crazy parking and people trying to slam into you.

After we found a spot to park we decided today was Monument Day...technically we had 2 full days in DC and things needed to get knocked out of the park. So before we even came we made a list...both my parents had been to DC but this was P and I's first we pretty much got the high spot on the list. P's must do was the monuments. So we saw pretty much all of them in one day. It was a lot of walking but it was fun!
 The Washington Monument was under construction....BOO! I know. But it's beyond HUGE! I mean you always know that...but its like really big, and really cool!
 One of the first things we saw was the White House...they were setting up the Easter Egg hunt, which we wanted to buy tickets for Evelyn to do, but we weren't going to be there, darn huh! Still it was pretty neat to look there and see it!
P and I got to go up to see Lincoln by ourselves, and we enjoyed it. Talking about what he did and how giant he was. How many pigeons poop on him. It was just another cool thing to see and do. We liked it just being us too.
Seeing the Korean War memorial was a special thing for me. Both my Grandpa's served in the war. One went to Germany, and one went to Korea. I've learned a little more about it since learning that.
 I am one of those people fascinated by World War 2. I've been to Pearl Harbor and on my bucket list is to visit Germany, Poland, and you name it I want to go. So seeing the WW2 memorial was another cool thing for me to see.
You guys might find me crazy...but P and I are in a which is a better state all the time with eachother...California or Utah...Utah will be where P and I start making roots at when he retires from the Army, but California usually wins on where is the cooler state. Damn him for having Disneyland and the beach.
We saw more things, but you guys get the hint. We had a blast. It was an amazing day, perfect and sunny, and lots of history!
(I wish that man wasn't in this photo.)
(just to be clear...the man behind us...not P)


Chantal said...

Nice photos! And lol at the man in the photo.

Jen said...

Great photos, it's amazing at how packed it can get there.

Audrey Spence said...

Hahaha... California is pretty dang awesome. Proud California girl right here! There is a lot more "stuff" to do I guess but Utah has some unique beauty you can't find anywhere else and its a much safer place to raise a family. At least compared to where I grew up which used to hold the title of safest city w/ population over 100k in the U.S. Go figure. I love seeing your pics of DC though. I wish I was a little older when I went. I just wish I could remember more from the trip besides the jr high drama. But I do have some cool pics. The Washington Monument was closed when we there too and that was in '98. Wow that was forever ago! What a fun trip though! Sometimes being in the army pays off especially when you live closer to other places and get to see lots of U.S. history! :)

Whitney Levash said...

Awe my husband just went down with the Old Glory Honor Flight yesterday and saw all of these...I hope someday he'll take me and we can see them together! :)

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