Wednesday, February 2, 2011

freaking out...

So I mentioned in a post before that, where my husband is at in Iraq, they are not letting people re-up unless they are a year out from being discharged. Hubby told me this last year he wanted to stay in and get his 20 years, I accepted that and became very content with having to raise children alone at times, and deal with many more deployments. The last 2 weeks he has been looking at getting regular civilian jobs, just in case he ended up being kicked out, because as we all know the military is downsizing. But now he is wondering if he should just get out.

This should make me happy. Come on, no more deployments, no long good-byes, and no more 24 hour shifts. But it terrify's me to death! I accepted military life when I met him, and our relationship has only known the military life. I wouldnt mind not being in the military but with a baby on the way, it means us having no job, no insurance, and I am just freaking out.

 I realize half of me freaking out is the fact that I am in nesting mode and big changes are not good for me right now. Not that it would even happen right now. I cry when we talk about it because it scares me, I know we will always be alright, and believe it or not there are lots of government jobs in Utah, and Hubby would be a shoe-in for those, but it still scares me.

Does anyone have any comforting advice for this freaking out pregnant woman??


Poekitten said...

I'm not pregnant but when it looked like DH might not be staying in I freaked out. He is able to stay in now and he didn't decide to because of me freaking out...but with the economy and everything, it's rough out there. Having been civilian and on my own before marrying DH, I know it and get it! So I guess my advise it that you're normal?

Liv Kit @ Simply Sunshine and Daisys said...

Dont worry until you are slapped in the face with it! He probably is just over thinking like you, and I so sure that he will rethink it all because of you and the baby! Have a good day girl! Dont stress too much over the milk that hasnt spilled yet!

Erin said...

Its very scary to consider a huge life change while you are pregnant! I know the downsides of military life, but if my husband decided he wanted to get out, I would be sad and miss this life.

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