Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

I usually like Valentines Day, because it is such a lovey holiday! I dont make it out to be such a HUGE deal, but I do think it gives hubby and I the chance to splurge on more things for each other. Last Valentines Day, Hubby and I had just gotten married and were starting to buy furniture for our apartment, so we were pretty broke, but it was our first married Valentines Day, so we went out and did a few things together. Nothing to big, Dinner and then of course we went and saw Valentines Day, the movie. Did I mention he made me pancakes in bed and got me flowers? I love flowers!

This year we all know the sap story. Hubby is across the world, and my little girl, while still in my tummy is my Valentine. I feel jealous of all those who get to spend V-Day with their spouses, but I have 3 friends who's husbands are home on R&R and I am beyond excited for them! I cannot wait for my day to come and Hubby can be here!

I hope all of you who get to spend this lovey holiday with your spouses have a wonderful day! for those of us who have to wait till next year...I cannot wait!!!

One of my favorite love songs..


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