Monday, February 14, 2011

Las Vegas!

Its Valentines Day...but given that the husband is gone, my biggest excitement for the day is him calling me when he gets off work.

Las Vegas was so much fun! I actually didnt gamble once, I had to walk through the casino too many times, and just felt like sitting around cigarette smoke wouldnt be the greatest thing for the baby. We stayed at the Luxor...if you dont know what it is....

This is what it is! I was so excited because our room was slanted where the window was, my poor ditsy mom banged her head on the window almost immediately when we got there. After we checked into our room, we went to get my nephew Mackey, the whole reason why we went there! His hotel happened to be a little outside of the strip and was way more amazing then our hotel, so we hung around there for a bit, then took him to our hotel and next to the Luxor is Excalibur...the big castle. We took him over there to check it out and turned out to be really cool!! not as ghetto as we thought it would be. We took him to the Arcade and let him play a ton of games.

The next day we walked the strip to Mandalay Bay (right next door to the Luxor) and went to The Shark Reef!! It was pretty damn cool! They had sting rays in a tank you could touch, but I didnt touch them at all because I was scared to death! But my nephew and my mom touched them.

After that we went to M&M world and Coca-Cola Store, M&M world was so cool!!! they even had 4-D movies for you to watch which was pretty funny! And the Coca-Cola store had us some BOMB cool drinks!

Later that night we were lucky enough to attened the Believe show by Criss Angel.....YES BE JEALOUS! It was amazing! honestly couldnt explain HALF of the show..I recommend it!

The next day though we checked out of our hotel and went to Mesquite and watched my other Niece and Nephew do a motorcross race! They both did way amazing! after the race we went back to Vegas to drop my nephew off which was sad to do, and spent one more night in Vegas at The Golden Nugget on Fremont Street, let me tell you.....way nicer then The Luxor! Way more of what you think of when you think of Vegas. Tonz of lights!!!

Well I know I bragged and said I went to Vegas..tee-hee but I am so happy to be home!! Tomorrow I am 18 weeks!


Audrey Spence said...

If you stayed at the Excalibur it's not as cool. I think they may have upgraded some rooms but it was pretty ghetto before.They do have an awesome arcade. I love the shark reef though! It's so cool. Mandalay Bay is another favorite of mine to stay at. You can touch the sting rays at the aquarium in Sandy. They're not scary. Just kinda slimy. So glad you got to see your nephew!

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