Monday, February 7, 2011


Oh man....I am going all mommy. I decided I needed to become a bit more I am not the type of girl you will find buying tonz of random odds and ends to put together off the top of my head...I am not that creative at all. But not really having a job, and being home alot gives me lots of time to do....well everything. I am constantly being asked to baby sit my nephew, which is a stuggle all its own because he is too heavy for me to be lifting anymore...but thats a different story. I finally decided that even though I am reading alot I should do alot more things with my time.

My grandmother is a huge sewer. She mends everyones clothes, she has made clothes for family members, and she has made all of her (18) grandchildren Wedding quilts, then this last year all her (28) great grandchildren quilts too. She is really amazing and very talented!! I decided I really need to take advantage of her now and learn some skills.

She was already ahead of me. She gave me cute little booties for Christmas and was making more for me and my other cousin. I told her of my plans to make a baby blanket and though she didnt really want me to start on something so big, she agreed to teach me. It is turning into a great bonding experience. I already had a great relationship with both my Grandparents, but now that I am down at their house at least 2 times a week, its leading to more conversations and its so much fun!! I am glad to be having this experience!!

So my grandmother had already made a blanket and wanted to show me what the one I am doing will look like, and its so adorable! and so soft! I am so excited to see how it will turn out!!


Anonymous said...

That is awesome!
Good luck, I would love to make a blanket for out little one, but I haven't gotten the drive to do it yet.

Lou said...

i love the blanket!!! its gorgeous

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