Friday, February 25, 2011


going to see these fine men tonight....

I saw them back in 2008, and they were amazing!! I love their new music so I am so damn excited to see them again. My absolute favorite band!!! Hopefully Baby Love loves them too!! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Lou said...

whoever these people are..jk! Im excited for you...and your baby fetus to the left is creeping me out...its just doing some weird rolly thing...raising the roof with its hands..

Michelle said...

AWESOME!! Hope you have a fantastic time!
LOL@ what Lou said! I hope the baby likes music though!


Katie F said...

I love Linkin Park! SO jealous. SO every email or comment I write to you always get sent back. Anyway def check out They have so much to choose from and they are all handmade and extremely good quality. Do you guys have any names picked out

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