Thursday, July 7, 2011

3 AM Rant.

I am not very happy with being pregnant right now. I cant sleep, I sweat my freaking butt off, I waddle, my pelvis hurts, my tailbone hurts, my hips hurt. I know better and choose to be grateful about my little one, but really right now I need my damn sleep. My eyes have even begun to water because of how tired I am, but its hopeless to lay down because my brain is fully awake.
When I woke up 45 minutes ago, I laid in bed, changed positions put the pillow inbetween my legs and threw the sheet off of me. I grabbed my phone and tried to read a few articals to help me fall back asleep.....still nothing. I switched positions again and tried to fall asleep without the phone.....nothing. The more I laid in my bed the more I contiuned to sweat. I have a fan in my window that blows the air in and out of my room all day, and it usually has done the trick for me, but tonight my body had different plans.
I know if I want to make it to R&R without having this baby I need all the rest I can get, and thankfully I have been able to actually take naps, which I haven't been able to do my whole pregnancy. This is where a husband would really come in handy right now.
I cant get up and out of bed without tightening my stomach to get up, which obviouslly pushes the baby lower, which seems almost impossible to do now since I constantly feel like she's gonna just fall out. I really have felt in a way like a single mom. I cant really compare because I dont work, and I litterally do have a husband, but I feel like I get little glimpses of how hard it must be. Its super hard work to take care of yourself when your growing a 7+ pound baby in there and cant make someone get out of bed and grab you water in the middle of the night and have to do it on your own.
So right now, I am in the middle of trying to drink alot of water and seeing if it will cool down my body temp at all...from what everyone keeps saying is I am 10 degrees hotter then everyone else, which sucks in 90 degree weather. But I once again count my lucky stars I am not in Kansas with that AWFUL humidity. Sometimes its not so great to be Optimistic.

I have a doctors appointment this morning as well, 38 weeks and I havent been checked because my doctor doesnt want to stir up anything...he is really excited about Hubby coming home. But He told me he would check this week, which I am excited about...kinda. It would suck to know if I am progressing and he says thoses words "well I guess I'll see you in a few days" or sometimes I am sure its going to suck if he says "yepp nothing is happening see you next week" ahhh pregnancy end already! I'm ready to hold her.

end rant.


Committed said...

I feel you girl. I can't sleep either, hot and can't get comfortable… stpry of our lives, eh? The Kansas humidity does suck… LOL. Keep the faith that she'll wait for Daddy to be here to watch her come into the world. Even if it means you being miserable another week or two. :-( Hugs to you, you saint!

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