Thursday, July 28, 2011

R&R Part 1

Or I should say "R&R before Baby"

R&R was so wonderful! We didnt fight at all. Had a few disagreements but that was pretty much it. It was beyond nice! I felt like even though we grew as a couple apart we were still the same couple together.

Hubby arrived on a Tuesday night in Salt Lake City and I was right on time to greet him! I was so nervous because I had no idea what my first reaction would be when I saw him. I first thought I'd fly past the security guards and grab him. But then maybe I would of just cried uncontrollably. But I didnt do either.
I saw him right as he started walking by the guards and I skipped my pregnant little heart right on over to him! I grabbed onto him and just hugged him! I lifted my head up to kiss him and he started feeling my belly, he was in such amazement that I really was pregnant. I drove him home and we pretty much went straight to bed.

The next day we went into Salt Lake City to go do a few things. We had decided a while ago to pick out Evelyns stroller together since he couldnt be apart of all the baby things, and this was one thing he really wanted to do with me. He constantly talked about pimping out her stroller, and how it needed 3 wheels and he might even make her get bigger wheels. So at Babies R Us we started searching, of course my husband found "the one" while I was in the bathroom. But "the one" he wanted was not compatible with our carseat. So we started another search...I had always loved the Jeep strollers and I was very interested in them! Hubby hated the price tag on the sticker but I had saved up alot of our tax return money and thats what we bought the stroller with. After some comparing we finally decided on the Jeep stroller! I was stoked!
After that we went and got Hubby his Jamba Juice...its our favorite thing! Kansas does not have a Jamba, which super sucked on a hot humid day. Then went to the mall and got Hubby some clothes. He has really missed shopping! He also found out JC Penny has awesome deals! (in the total of R&R we made 2 trips to JC Pennys) and then we just had to...and yes we HAD to take him to In & Out Burger. I blame it on California...its a good burger but those fries are terrible!
The next day I had a doctors appointment. My doctor was so excited to meet Hubby, it was great that they finally got to meet. As you (should) know my doctor told us that Evelyn wasnt planning on going anywhere and that we we're just going to have to induce me. So we knew we had a few days before we would have her. We went to my families cabin in the Provo Mountains, it was so relaxing just to be alone together.

After the cabin we had a just a regular day of relaxation before Hubbys mom and her boyfriend and kid got here.
It was nice when his mom got here. I've always felt like his mom and I got along the first time we met back in 2009 but when she visited us before the deployment she really avoided me and I always had a chip on my shoulder about it. This trip ended up not being as bad, I think she felt more comfortable with her boyfriend here, but there was still very little communication between her and I. I let Hubby know when I was upset about it and I've just learned thats how she is probably gonna be when we're not at her house.
They arrived the day I was sent to the hospital to be induced and you all saw Evelyns birth story...if you havent check it out Evelyn's Birth Story.

I'll be back with more tomorrow on R&R after Baby :)


AbbeyG said...

Yay for a wonderful R&R! Love the stroller you guys picked out, and you've got me really wanting to try one of those In & Out Burgers right now! Can't wait to read part 2 (:

Lou said...

love this post especially the jeep stroller!

Audrey Spence said...

mmmm in-n-out.... it really is a CA thing. Scott doesn't mind it but for me its like a taste of home. Something about it...its just so good :)

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