Friday, July 22, 2011

The Birth Story

I checked into the hospital to be induced at 8pm on the 19th. I wasnt given pitocen, but they had put a tiny pill up by my cervix to try and get her to go on her own. I had to lay in bed for 2 hours before I could move and they checked me at 11pm and said I was still 3 centimeters and 50% efaced. They placed another pill in there and I took an ambian and went to sleep. Apparently throughout the night I was telling the nurse about the color of dreams I was having.
At about 3:30 I woke up with back pains and needed some medication. Turns out the little one started to finally go! They gave me pitocen and the pain meds and put me back to sleep. About an hour later I woke up with worse pains then I have ever felt! My contractions were happening about every 3 minutes. I was only a 6 but it was finally going. They gave me more pain meds, because I wasnt ready to get my epideral. Call me stubborn but I wanted to see how far I could go without it.
About 5/5:30 I decided I needed the epideral and got it finally! It made me feel so funny! I was digging the feeling and I went back to sleep.
Around 7 am I was finally giving up on the sleep and just woke up and Hubby and I started watching some TV. My nurse came in to check me and I was an 8. So we called my mom and hubbys mom and had then come down here. My mom rushed to the hospital and by the time she got there about 745/8 am I was fully dilated and ready to go. We waited for my doctor and I started to not feel ANYTHING, I was having to be told that I was having contractions in order to start pushing.
I started pushing at 8:05ish (I wasnt watching the clock) I pushed her out very quickly and didnt even tear!

Evelyn Suzanne 
July 20, 2011 at 8:23 am
7lbs 2oz
20 inches long

She was born absolutely perfect! She has a ton of hair! Hubby did a great job at watching, because it was something he really didnt want to do, but looking at him while I was pushing it was amazing to watch his face!
Right after she was born I was sad I didn't get to hold her. They put her on my chest immediately and then took her away. They had me order lunch and while I was eating everyone else held her...which made me sad and mad, but I knew I needed to eat.
I was so happy when I finally got to hold her. Everyone left and Hubby and I got some alone time and a good nap in before everyone came back. It was nice to just hold her and be a family together finally.
She looks almost exactly like her daddy, but alot of people think she looks like me too. Shes absolutly beautiful and so amazing to look at! I feel very blessed to have her in my life!
One Very Happy Family!


Lou said...

omg i have been waiting for this post!!! im so excited for you guys!! yay jumping with excitment really!! the birth of evelyn i think was just as exciting to me ahhh i wish i could meet her!!

Committed said...

She's beautiful, Liz! And you look amazing! I'm glad she came out quickly, and so happy for all three of you that daddy got to be there. Congrats! and ENJOY!!

Erin said...


MrsMcDancer said...

Yay! Congratulations! I love the name and she was born on my birthday :-) Enjoy your time with your family!!!

justine davies. said...

this made me tear up i dont know why. congrats hun... enjoy every single second with her as a baby this time is going by so quick, then you will turn around and have a toddler running around your house!

xoxo justine.

Megan said...

Congrats! Such an exciting thing! I am so glad that she is finally here and I am glad that your hubby got to be there as well! I love her name! It is so cute! Congrats again and enjoy the time that you have with her while she is still little!

Jessa said...

Congratulations! I'm in love with her name!

Mike and Jen said...

I cant wait to see her! You guys are such a cute fam!

AbbeyG said...

Congratulations!! I am so happy for you and your new sweet family (: It is so encouraging to hear how smooth labor went for you, I'm crossing my fingers for the same thing! She is beautiful (:

Our Little Fam said...

I am so glad everything went well! Cant wait to play catch up once hubby leaves, I am so glad he was able to be here! She is just so precious, congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! That's one beautiful baby :)

lecheminant family said...

cangrat!!! she is beautiful...hope your little family is doing well

Stylishly Blissfully Ever After with MiMi said...

Congratulations!! BEautiful family.

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