Friday, July 29, 2011

R&R Part 2

Th day Evelyn was born, was a very joyous occasion, as you should expect it to be. I was so glad our families gave us space to be alone with her, because that was one thing I was super worried about. Random visitors, long visits, and most importantly Hubby not getting his own personal time with his daughter. Thank goodness that didnt happen.
The first night at the hospital we handed Evelyn off to the nursery. Evelyn was (and still is) having a hard time latching on (aka I am breastfeeding) and so I asked the nurses to bring her to be when she needed to be fed so I could work on it more with her. It ended up getting easier, until my milk came in and then we started a struggle again. I refuse to give up though.
Back to R&R...
The next day we asked family to not come to the hospital. The hospital recommends that you stay 48 hours after you have your baby, but Hubbys mom was leaving that night, and I had already been at the hospital for 48 hours. Hubby at the time had one more week left here and we did not want to spend more time in the hospital. Luckily my doctor (who's amazing) knew where we were coming from and because I had a very easy labor (yepp, no tearing or nothing!) said it was ok for us to leave, and luckily the pediatrician agreed.

We got home and had a little get together with my family again. Hubbys family was leaving in a few hours and so I ended up only getting Evelyn when she needed to be fed. Once again I was mad and upset but trying to be understanding. I wasnt too thrilled of the idea of having a ton of people here when she was born when it was first suggested, but I learned to deal with it. I was super glad when everyone left, we finally had alone time with just Hubby, Evelyn and I. I was completely in heaven!!

We didnt leave the house for 2 days after that. We knew better then to take Evelyn out into the elements but on the 3rd day we decided it would be ok to take her to my grandparents house for at least one hour. Ended up being be in the bedroom trying to figure out why Evelyn was screaming her poor head off. Turned out to be a tummy ache and gas. Yay.
On Sunday we had a Blessing for Evelyn. Its part of my religion to get them done, and I really wanted to do it. Hubby was not thrilled about it one bit but he knew it ment alot to me and we went ahead and did it. It was an amazing afternoon, I was so thrilled that it went so well and Evelyn did perfect!
The last 2 days we had we chose to not do anything. We really just wanted our own family time. I am so lucky that my family gave us so much space! We were able to be down stairs instead of trapped in my bedroom for the last few days.
Evelyn for the first few days was up every 2 to 3 hours but the last 2 nights of Hubbys stay she was asleep for at least 4 to 5 hours before getting up again. It was so nice to get that extra sleep. We really did enjoy ourselfs with her. Hubby is just in love with her and I felt so bad that he had to leave her.
Hubby and I gave up an hour with Evelyn and went on a date (just to Applebee's) and spent the time talking about how the next 3 months are going to be. We made sure we knew how we wanted Evelyn raised, and we were on the same page about living situations when I move back to Fort Riley....oh back in about.......8 more weeks! :)
We rented Beastly and The Dilemma and went back and grabbed our daughter and went to go cuddle in bed. We spent 6 hours just cuddling and crying and trying to make ourselfs strong. Went to bed (with Evelyn in her bed) and woke up with her at 5am.
Hubby avoided putting his ACU's on as long as he could and as soon as he put them on I was instantly upset, but tried to be strong.

We drove him to BK to get breakfast and took off to the airport. I was hoping that they would let me go through security with him, and luckily they did! We went through and walked to the gate. We were an hour early and Hubby held his little girl for as long as he could.
I started noticing people getting on the plane and informed Hubby and we got up to say our goodbyes.

I never ever thought it would be that hard to watch him say goodbye to his daughter. I hugged him and told him I'll be strong and we said goodbye....sadly as I walked away I realized I didnt say I love much as I wanted to run back and tell him, I knew I wouldnt be able to walk away as easy the second time around. I started to cry as I walked with Evelyn in my arms through the crowds of people who couldnt stop staring at me. I got all the way to my car and put Evelyn in her car seat and started to cry. I told myself only 3 more months and drove on.
I got home and continued to cry. I took a few hours off for myself and waited to hear from Hubby. When I finally heard from him and learned he was headed to Iraq within the hour I decided I needed to start a routine and get back to my mind set I was at before. Though I am not there yet, I was productive and finished out the day with Bathing my daughter and also pumping milk for her (for when I'm too full) and worked on my TV shows I had missed the last 2 weeks.
It hasent been easy at all but I am so glad I got my little Evelyn to look at. She looks so much like her daddy...and for those who say she looks like me, shes only got my hair color and my lips (maybe) everything else is totally Hubby!
I just love that I have her here. I hope she does well through the next few months!

Little Miss Pucker Lips

Hubby...when you read this I love you! Cant wait to have you home with us again. I love you so much and miss you like crazy!! Be Safe.


Megan said...

She is so cute! I am glad that you guys got to have some alone time as a family. The next three months will hopefully fly by and you will be wondering what happened to them. Enjoy every minute that you have with your little girl!

Our Little Fam said...

She is beautiful! I am so happy he got to be here when she was born. I am praying for you, you are so strong! 3 months and you will have him back in your arms with your daughter! I hope you are enjoying being a mama, it sure is the best! xoxo

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