Thursday, July 7, 2011

DR Appt.

Today I went in for my 38 week check up with my freaking awesome doctor and it was all good news!!

Everything with me checked out fine...I finally can say I gained 2 pounds over my weight I was before I got pregnant. I lost 25 and then gained 27. YAHOO!
My nurse had my undress from the waist down so he could check me, so while I sat on the table with my feet dangling my mom and I talked and I swoll up like a balloon! I rarelly wear my wedding ring anymore from all the swelling and when I looked at my hand it hand turned bright red and I could barely get my ring off. I took my ring off and put it around my necklace that also has a picture of Hubby on it and my doctor didnt come infor about 20 more minutes.
Honestly if you are lucky and can avoid being pregnant during the summer....DO IT! Its super hard. Not only did I swell up I was sweating!
My doctor got out his machine and Baby Girls heartbeat is great still and she decided to move her head into my hip, but since the appointment I am pretty sure shes got her head back down. He then proceded to take those damned rubbed gloves out and check me.
Now that HURT! He proceded to push my belly down and try and check me more. Turns out Baby Girl isnt planning on going anywhere anytime soon!

He told me I was 1 centimeter dialted and 40% effaced...then he told me, my cervix is not favorable. If I went in today my body would force me into a c-section. He is pretty confident Hubby will make it in time for delivery!! Which only makes me happier!! I've been praying for little girl to wait for her daddy and it looks like she listened to me! I'm thrilled but trying to not get my hopes up too much.


Megan said...

Aww, she is being a good girl and listening to her Mommy already! I hope she waits for her Daddy to get home!

Audrey Spence said...

That is good news! I was about the same at 38 weeks but he was going out of town so he scheduled me to be induced at 39 weeks and I ALMOST had to do a c-section so it'll be good to wait, especially with your first. So exciting! Oh and I still have that bag with some of that stuff that I forgot to give you to send to Iraq so I'll try to just give it to you and Paul can take it back. There wasn't much so it shouldn't take up much space in his bags when he heads back.

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