Tuesday, July 5, 2011


This is a reason I will never ever..EVER light shooting into the air fireworks EVER again!! (you hear that hunny??)

This 4th of July, Utah has decided to make the fireworks that shoot into the air legal. Most people go to neighboring states such as Wyoming to buy their fireworks, but I guess law makers had a different view this year...and I mean who wouldnt..its not like we live in a desert or anything! (btw if you dont know...Utah is a desert)
So of course my Dad bought a few and we lit a few off on the 3rd for fun, and then we saved some for the 4th. Well the 4th of July was pretty chill around here. Had my Brother and his Wife and their kids up for a BBQ and some fireworks....

YEPP....this is the not so good part

So the fireworks are going great...just got one of the box sets from one of the firework stands and let the kids light those off and then my little brother pulls out a big on.......sure it all goes great the first few shots into the air...then all of a sudden one shoots into a neighboring tree, then a few more start shooting into our yard, then one shoots right into our neighbors bush, and it instantly catches on fire!

Ya you flippin heard me! FIRE!! well to our BIG suprise there are tree's right next to this bush that is just blazing! Our neighbors run and get their hoses, as well as my dad and try to spray the sucker down, while my mother is on the phone with 911 and my little sister is flipping out and I'm trying to calm her down. They finally get the blaze under control, while the neighbor who owned the bush had absolutly not one clue that his bush has just caught on fire...he is in his 90's.

After they get the blaze out and the fire department shows up and completly offers to let us light off the other 2 fireworks so they can watch and make sure it doesnt explode again...we all finally settle down and my dad decides to get rid of the other fireworks. Concidering Hubby has asked us not to have fireworks while he is here on R&R. I refused to become a victum of a crazed firework again and take my ass inside with my little sister. They light the fireworks and everything goes fine. No more fires. But I'll tell you this..........I am done with fireworks. That scared me way too much. Closest war experience I've ever had.


Audrey Spence said...

My parents watched as their neighbors cursed each other out over the aerial fireworks because one neighbors horses were freaking out and where they live there are A TON of animals so it is kind of a stupid place to set off fireworks. It's like going to a farm and setting them off. I'm excited to do some though when my nieces and nephew come out from Cali the end of the month. But I'm kind of a pyro :)

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