Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just Another Manic Wednesday

In the last few days a few family issues has happened, things I dont feel quite like posting on the world wide web worries! Nothing to do with Hubby or Baby L. I want more information before I begin to let it all out on my little blog. But this little situation sure makes me stress when I think about it....ok because its not a little situation, its a pretty huge one! So now I am thinking about it and its stressing me out...BAD. So I'll end that part.

This week I only worked one day again, which I am very grateful for again, because I was beyond sick yesterday. Throwing up and sleeping all ready for this to end. I am at my point of feeling helpless and doubt everything I am doing. I am probably not getting enough water, but my body is not retaining water, because I am either throwing it up, or going to the bathroom alot. I will never be one of those woman who talk about how wonderful pregnancy is...yes it totally has its perks, but I am finding it super hard to do everything I need to do for my baby. It worries me. BAD. If I was back in KS I would find it 10x's easier to buy all my fruits and veggies and everything else, but in this house I have no room for anything! I am litterally hording food in my room and having to mark any other foods that need to be frozen or refridgerated. Plus everyone eats food thats just here so its hard as hell to do when people are eating and taking everything!

I have my doctors appt today, which I am hoping my doctor will not have another c-section, because I do need to freaking meet him already! Its horrible being this far along and not even knowing what your doctor looks like. I am going to bring up my water situation with him, my mom is convinced there is a pill or something he can give me? I dont know. Deffinitly need to do something.

I also need to go grocery shopping...because you guessed it, all my food I bought with my money was eaten by people who know its for me. GRRR. Its not like I am hording ice cream or something. But I can't do that either...because I am once again on baby sitting duty, GAH. Just ready for Friday. I want my information, and I want the weekend....I dont know why I want that though.


Audrey Spence said...

I know sometimes they might have you take a little extra vitamin b to help with the nausea. I did that but that was my own decision. Not sure what they would do otherwise. I know people who have worn those bracelet things that put pressure on pressure points in your wrist. I forget what they are called. But they are supposed to relieve nausea and vomiting too.

Anonymous said...

I know they have a pill that they can give you that will help with being sick all day. praying for you!

Ash@Life As Lucy said...

try a little peppermint stick or peppermint tea. it really got me through the ALL DAY SICKNESS! next will come the heartburn lmao... trust me, you won't remember any of this

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