Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I didnt do too much this weekend....ok thats a lie. Saturday I was lucky enough to get out my town and make a getaway to Salt Lake City, to hang out with a girlfriend I have known pretty much my whole life. Her and I are so very different and so very similiar...too much of eachother and we go insane and too less we miss eachother.

She needed a girls day, and lucky for her I needed to get away from my home for a day. We took off at around 3pm and went to go shopping at one of the outside malls here, which was smart with how freaking freezing Utah is in the winter. I decided to show how much I can control my shopping addiction and only buy a few things...which I proudly did! New wallet, mustache mints, and sunglasses.

We got to go to California Pizza Kitchen, one of my favorite resturants! and I got their amazing BLT Pizza, and a slice of red velvet cake which I took home. If you get the chance to have that it!

We also saw No Strings I am a huge Nsync Buff, so this movie title threw me into a POP mood which my friend did not appreciate. But no worries. This movie did not even play the famous song by the POP band, but this movie was AMAZING! It was a little more racier then I expected, but I should have thought that going into a rated "R" movie about Sex-Friends. I would recommed it to anyone!!!

How did everyone elses weekend go?


Audrey Spence said...

We're going to CPK tonight! We haven't been in a long time and we're gonna be at the Jazz game so we figured.... great opportunity! Love CPK!

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