Monday, January 3, 2011


 So I am sure most of you know who Lauren Conrad is...if not I guess I'll introduce her. She's a reality star from Laguna Beach and The Hills on MTV, but after she quit that stuff she became a clothing designer and a published author. I was a fan of her on The Hills, I didnt see the 1st season of Laguna Beach...which I blame this show for getting me hooked on Reality TV. So I love her style and think shes down to earth...although how much can I say about someone I do not know.

I read her first book LA CANDY, when it first came out I think 2 years ago? and I loved it. Its a book that reminded me alot about her, though I hear it has nothing to do with her experience in reality tv. I fell in love with her characters and have really enjoyed the other 2 sequal books to LA Candy.

So thats pretty much all I had to say about LA Candy. I am almost done with her 3rd book and then I am free onto another book. I have really avoided buying pregnancy books because even though I am super excited about this little one, I got lots of advice from friends not to buy a ton of those books because almost none of them are right, your doctor can tell you exactly whats going on with your baby and hes the most reliable source. So I only have What To Expect When Your Expecting, and I dont read ahead in that book and get to read a new paragraph every week. Though I did check out the labor and delivery section, because that part terrifys me to death!

So I was wondering if anyone had any good book suggestions for me! Over this deployment I would love to fill up a book shelf, even though I am a super slow reader...what can I say I enjoy reading and feel no need to rush it. So suggestions away!!
By the way no Twilight suggestions! I read them...and these twi-hards ruined it. 

By the way! I also changed up my music! Let me know if you like it!


Lou said...

7 principles of marriage
handle with care
or my favorite eat pray love! lol

Audrey Spence said...

Even though you don't want to read many pregnancy books a really good one that I read with What to expect was the Mayo clinic guide to a healthy pregnancy. It is a little more on the medical side and I was able to learn so much more than from What to expect and so I knew what things to ask the dr. It really gives some really good info. It has a really good reference guide. The Labor and childbirth section is really good and helpful too. And don't be afraid of the delivery. It's not that scary. You can totally handle it.

kelsey lauren said...

check out the review i just did on my blog!! I realllly recommend it!!

Mike and Jen said...

I agree.. I wouldn't buy to many prego books. I did, and most were a waste. Babycenter has tons of great info so I used that alot.. But I do highly recommend Belly Laughs.. It's my Jenny McCarthy and it is hilarious. And it is SOOO what pregnancy really is like!! It's a short read, I finished it in about an hour or something. But you should get it for sure, it will make you laugh!

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