Thursday, January 6, 2011

Old Men and Dreams

So after my appt. yesterday, I went and grabbed my friend and we went to KFC (because my biggest cravings are mashed potatoes!) and while we were sitting there at the window to grab our food......BAM! Some old man hits my car. Automatically I get out of my car and start looking at my car...thank god nothing happened. But the old man in his stupid van were looking around as if nothing had happened.....I start yelling "You hit my fucking car!!" yeah I know I am nice. As he continues to ignore me, I decided I needed to pull around so he could get out and talk to me, the line at the drive thru is not necessarily the best spot to have a conversation with an idiot. I pull around right to where he could see me when he gets out of line from the side of the building and stand there......well the doshe LEAVES! I start walking towards him obviously not planning on talking to me, and screaming once again "You hit my fucking car! are you gonna take off you fucking coward!?!"...yepp he takes off.

As I stand in 'awe' of what to do, I turn and look back at my car and make sure 100% nothing is wrong. Nope nothing. So I had caught a pretty good look at his plates and knew what he was driving, so debated with my friend on if I should call the cops or not. I really wanted to just to prove a point, when she said..."you dont really have proof he hit you." true. So I decided we would just leave, we were both ok and that was just fine with me. As we drive up Main St....we see the VAN! I begin to wonder if I should chase him down and scream at him myself, but instead slow down and stare and flip him the bird. Honestly even old people are JERKS.

As for my dream last night.....I was really obsessed with Dolls. Like human sized raggity ann dolls. I decided to take my dolls on a trip with me. While my family is so mad I just booked seats for my dolls and didnt even bother inviting them....the rest of my dream I was debating on which doll I could leave behind....because you know Dolls are more important then family members....WTF.

HAHA I just had to share these stories!


Ash@Life As Lucy said...

Mash potatoes were so my craving too! I ate them every single day for the whole pregnancy... gross right?!

and dude I hate people like that. I would have spit on his car lol... okay well not really but I would have honestly thought about it. It irritates me that people think they can do something like that and not face consequences. I would personally have called the police anyway just to report that he was driving unsafely.

Creepy about the doll dream! I HATE DOLLS! ugh

Anonymous said...

what a cracked old man! Glad nothing happened to your car though!!!! Weird dream lol

Anonymous said...

I have been LOVING mashed potatoes!! with peas of course though :)

And I have also been having the craziest dreams!
Nothing quite as creepy as dolls though, haha!

Lou said...

hahah wtf liz! didnt even bring me along. Lol. sorry about the old man! LOL you crack me up!

Audrey Spence said...

I loved mashed potatoes too! I worked by Pats BBQ and let me tell you... I loooooooved their mashed potatoes and gravy and their red beans and rice. My installers were really nice sometimes and when they'd order a huge meal they'd give me their side. Loved those boys. Smart men to keep a pregnant woman, who set their schedule, happy.

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