Monday, January 10, 2011

My Name Is...

So I have not done an intoduction on myself in a while. So I thought I would do a little something since I have had plenty more people "follow me" since my last one so here it goes!! the way if you have any questions feel free to comment or email me at

My name is Elizabeth, but I am normally called Liz. I am 21 years OLD. yes old. I have been through many things in my life which I from time to time talk about on my blog, since they still effect me in my day to day life. I use my blog as an outlet. I am usually very optimstic about many things! But you will find it hard for me to stop saying what is on my mind, good and bad.

How did I meet my Husband........I came to Fort Riley, Kansas to visit my friend and her husband who was about to deploy to Iraq for his first time. They were showing me around the post, and took me to the PX at what seemed like the perfect timing, because guess who I ran right into walking through the doors! Yepp you guessed it! He was such a hottie too. He stopped and talked to my friend which really shocked me that they knew eachother, because I am very shy and dont walk up to total strangers to say matter how hot they are! I found out later that the boy my friends wanted me to meet was actually Hubby's roomate. Akward. Nothing ever came out of me hanging out with his friend but when my friends finally invited Hubby over that was it! I was hooked! We went on a few dates and even pulled Guard Duty in the motor pool  while I was there for such a short while. I went back to Kansas for the deployment and we decided to make it all offical and I waited for him, after only knowing him for about a month. Hubby got home Septemeber 18, 2009 and we kept up our romance and went on a little trip to Hawaii. Decemeber 25, 2009 he proposed to me at his mom's house in California and 5 days later on December 30th,  we were married in my home town in Utah. He really did sweep me off my feet!

Hubby is stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas still and is currently on his 2nd deployment in Iraq. He only left about 2 months ago. His MOS is 13-D...or Field Artillery. He loves his job so much! It makes me one damn proud army wife!

The day after Hubby left for Iraq, I found out I was pregnant! We had been trying but nothing really came of it, and we were really just seeing what was happening and not timing ovulations or nothing like that. If we were ment to have a baby we would have one. Well Baby L showed up at a perfect time! Kind of. Hubby didnt want me to take a test before he deployed to Iraq, because he didnt want the test to come out negitive and have me be upset about 2 things instead of just one. Well because of that brilliant plan, Hubby has to miss out on everything until the end, when he will be here for the birth. Hopefully Baby L will hold out and let Daddy be here for it. I have no fears though, I am 97% positive he will make it in time. Which by the way.....I am due July 20, 2011 (for now they are doing an ultrasound to make sure since my periods have always been off) and as of now I am 12 weeks and 6 days along. I use every Tuesday on my blog to write about my pregnancy.

Right now, I am living in Utah again with my family and my 8 family members. Its a little hard but we get through it. Sometimes I wish I stayed in Kansas with my own home...which I miss! But being home right now while expecting a little one is the smart thing! My parents are thrilled for their 6th grandchild and Hubbys mom's 1st Grandchild!


McDancer said...

Congrats on the baby! You're due (as of now) on my birthday :) Good luck!!

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