Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy as Can Be!

So my Hubberkins and I have been talking about me getting away from this hectic house, I have many options!

San Fransisco, California,  Fort Riley, Kansas  
Safford, Arizona,   Denver, Colorado.

See plenty. I thought to myself pretty hard about this...and as sad as it is...I honestly miss Kansas ALOT! I hated alot of things about living there, but its my home till we PCS. Our baby will call Kansas it's first home. So my Mom and I decided to drive to Arizona around the end of Febuary because my cousin and a really good friend of mine, we are all due around the same time and I really want to go hang out with them! So I am hoping by the time we go I'll know the sex so I can be on the same level as them, since they are a few weeks ahead of me. 
Yeah you thought I would say Kansas......Ok I am going to Kansas too. I bought my plane ticket to go visit my friend out there for about 6 days. I used my own money to do it, which made hubby proud because I already am saving money like crazy! But I deserve a little trip alone. I leave for Kansas on March 30 to April 6th. I am really praying and hoping I do not get sick on the plane! I about decided to drive the distance...but its a 16 hour drive and over 1,000 miles and I am pretty sure my Baby Doctor will tell me HELL NO on that.
I will be able to go to all these other places soon. I am sure I am going to California for Thanksgiving to Hubbys mom's house so she can meet the baby. Plus when I make the drive back to Fort Riley with the baby I will be stoping in Denver to meet up with my cousin for a day or two. Hopefully we will know if we are getting stationed at Fort Carson or not by then, maybe I could make a drive by then too.
These last few years I have been lucky enough to make a million trips to all sorts of different places! LUCKY LUCKY! I am grateful for this!

By the way....Hubby informed me one of our bills is offically paid off! It was a 500 dollar loan we took out when Hubby lost our keys, and sadly we had no money at the time to do it ourselfs. So YAY moving back to Utah is paying off little by little. Now just the 1,000 we owe on our funiture..EASY. and then the 6,000 we owe on our car and we are done with bills!! Until he gets home and we get my Mommy Car! And yes we will need 2 cars! So excited!


Committed said...

Paying off debt is so satisfying! What a wonderful thing you are doing for your family's future!

And yay for traveling to visit friends! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures. <3

Committed said...

P.S. I vote San Francisco!! :) It would be awesome to have you an hour away… even if we never meet.

Lou said...

LIZ I WILL BE AT FORT CARSON NEXT YEAR!!!!! thatd be sick just saying! We could finally meet! haha even though i feel i already do!

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