Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Airborne Questions.

So my loving husband has decided to sign up for Airborne Training. He always used to tell me he'd be too scared to jump out of an airplane...but he signed up for it. I'm super excited about it, because it opens many more doors for him, and as a 13-D they have very limited promotions. took over a year for him to get his Sergeant.
I dont know anything really about Airborne...and so I am asking my wives if they know ANYTHING about it. I guess the school is in Fort Benning, Georgia...which there or Fort Bragg, North Carolina sound like dreams to me. I am dying to go to the Carolina's! I read up on the school and it seems really intense. But I hear all the time what a great runner my husband is, and he works his ass off in PT and loves to work out.

For those who know me personally I am not going to say anything about it on Facebook or to my extended family until everything is offical...the army is not always super reliable.

But I am very curious what happens at these schools and what this means for his career. If anyone has any comments or wants to give me or Hubby any advice feel free...I'm a very anxious person and like to know everything!

Thanks you guys!! Lots of Love!


Elizabeth said...

The school is only 14-19 days long unless that changed. I think it's at Benning. He would go TDY to school, and then return to his duty station. Him being Airborne gives a higher chance of being able to PCS to places like Bragg. They run a lot, they train on how to jump out of planes, and then they jump out of planes.

The Sometimes Single Mom said...

We were stationed at Benning before we came to Germany. Airborne school is pretty neat. The training towers are in the middle of main post. It is a very intense school, and there were quite a few people who go kicked out because they couldn't do push ups correctly. It's about 3 weeks long and airborne students are always on the go.

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