Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 29!

Day 29 – post a picture of the coolest place you ever got to go to b/c of your s/o being in the military

So Hubby was never stationed there...but after his 1st deployment, we decided we should go on a trip together. We had originally planned on going to Jamaica...but it didnt quite work out since he didnt have a passport...and I didnt have POA or his Birth Certificate to get him one. So Hawaii was the next choice.
We did stay on Waikiki Beach (that is the picture) and we loved it! But one huge bummer I had was.....did you know that beach is fake? Totally fake. They bring the sand in. BUMMER.
We were in Hawaii for a week and explored alot of the island! My absolute favorite was Pearl Harbor, my great-great grandfather was a Captain on one of the ships that was hit...dont ask which one because I seriously forget everytime I am reminded.
Anyways...I cant wait to one day go back to Hawaii!



Our Little Fam said...

ooo... Jealous! I wanna go to hawaii! lol :)

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