Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pregnant Much?

If your not up for a personal talk...probably shouldnt read this.

Ok...So I am all for home businesses. Sentsy, Mary-Kay, Avon, Slumber Parties...ya know whatever! I think its great. I usually try to participate in the parties when I have the money....but Slumber Parties, or Passion Parties whatever just are not my thing right now.
I have always kind of had issues with using toys or anything in the bedroom as a regular guest in the bed. I've done a few things with body dusts, but I'm not a huge fan of using everything and anything in there. I find my husband hot and spicy without it.
But right now I keep getting invites to these Slumber Parties....I sometimes wonder...what the hell do people think I am going to do with this stuff right now? Seriously. I dont want to stock pile anything in my parents house, and my husbands deployed and when he gets home for R&R I'm going to be 9 months pregnant....Sounds freaking hot huh!

Then I have friends inviting me to BARS! Ya you heard me BARS! Who invites a pregnant woman to a BAR! I dont like alcohol very much. I never was into it, and even if they didnt know that...how fun would it be for me...for anyone to have me at a bar? What are they thinking....oh right...Designated Driver...HAHA bite me.

Did anyone else get this crap when they were pregnant or just had surgery or anything? I feel stupid having people ask me this...yeah I feel like the stupid one.


Audrey Spence said...

So I've never been invited to a slumber party but if anyone ever did invite me, I'd be pissed. But that's because of my religious/personal beliefs. I don't need anything else in the bedroom but me and my husband and we're totally satisfied. We've been married for almost 5 yrs and I swear I think we're newlyweds still. I don't wanna get too personal either but can I tell you that pregnancy sex is the greatest thing ever. No joke :) But I find it so odd people would send you invited like that. I would be a little offended. And the bar thing is probably weird outside of Tooele but it is Tooele none the less and people are very backwards.

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