Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting There.

I am finally at that point of complete exhaustion! I am emotionally tired and physically tired. I wish I could be babied!

My brother and sister-in-law have been living here with my nephew Ashton and just barelly bought a house and finally recived their keys yesterday...though they have not moved their beds and stuff out yet...they moved a few things. I'm really looking forward to them getting out as awful as that sounds. They dont clean, and I clean up after them and their baby constantly...and last night I reached my point of breaking down! It was at the point of I did the dishes and they saw me do the dishes then left more dirty dishes on the counter only minutes after watching me finish cleaning. I broke down and cried to my mom after they went to bed.

On another brother being in jail has really helped! I'm not as paranoid or as stressed anymore...but he has been trying to get ahold of my mom, and shes pretty much cut her ties with him. Its a sad thing, but I agree with my mom, shes done so much for him and he's just thrown it in her face...sadly there is nothing more she can do, she has to protect my handicapped sister and her grandchildren from him. So I know its a work in process to get back to the "norm" but I am glad to finally start the process.

Thanks to everyone for the advice on the Airborne. I'm really excited for Hubby to do it...though I am terrified for him to jump out of a plane! But I know that this will be a great thing to add to his career and give us more oppertunies as far as duty Italy and North Carolina :) I cant wait to find out and I am sure I'll blink my eyes and I'll be watching him get his wings! This year is going by so fast and I couldnt be happier! My pregnancy is going on and on and on...I'm still sick everyonce in a while, and I'm emotionally exhausted from a million things, plus all this extra weight! I am ready to be done!! 12 more weeks to go!!


Lou said...

so glad things are working out!!! Yay for happiness!

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