Thursday, April 28, 2011

Is It May Yet??

I'm really looking forward to May...seriously it hasn't taken too long to get here but I am really ready for it! May is full of different things! Mothers Day, My Birthday, A newly planned trip to Arizona, and baby shower planning.

I know May is going to fly by for me with this deployment. I've been looking forward to May since we got out of the Holdiays, which make the deployments go by so much slower!!

Sadly this is my 3rd birthday I will not have my husband with me...Last year he was in the Field so I spent my 21st birthday by myself...but the week before my mother flew me to Maine to see my brother, and the day of my birthday Hubby's superiors let him talk to me almost all day! It sucks to of not had one single birthday with him but I am really hoping next year we can finally do something! fingers crossed!!

I'm really happy this month is only a few days away and I'm really excited to get this month done with! I cant wait for July!! I miss my husband and my daydreaming has only become more frequent and the tears are getting worse and worse. I do cry...but not like this very often. I'm really looking forward to May being here, and having more things to do!!

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of April!!


Lou said...

time is flying!!!

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