Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Something Borrowed

So I've always really loved to read, I'm really picky about books and if I can't get into the store within the first few chapters I cant read the book. My husband knows I am a reader just like my parents and he gave me a Kindle for an early Mother Day present. I was super stoked and got to work on it right away...over the last week of me having my Kindle I have finished 2 books and started another one.

I love books turned into movies, and I kept thinking that movie..Something Borrowed looked super cute! First book bought!...2 days later.....I LOVED IT! It was so hard to put down! Found out in my niffty book selections tablet that there was another book called..Something Blue! Second book bought!!.....2 days later....LOVED IT! Seriously this author knows how to keep my eyes locked on the book.

Now I am on to reading Water For Elephants and I am loving it so far...I have plenty of books I want to read and now that I am becoming a fat lazy pregnant woman I am enjoying every minute of my down time reading! I cant wait to read the True Blood books, and poissibly the Sex and the City books. This Kindle is gonna be my deployment life-saver!


Elizabeth said...

these books are on my list to get!! I want to see something borrowed and water for elephants.

Megan said...

I'm glad that you loved them. It definitely makes me want to read them now! Thanks for the suggestion.

FemminaDaVinci said...

I love something borrowed and something blue... they were both great, and east reads. I will save you the money and tell you that Emily Griffens next two books, baby proof, and love the one that you're with are not very good IMO. I had read her other books in one day, but these ones took forever to get into, and the stories werent all that interesting.

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