Thursday, April 7, 2011

bright side.

So in light of everything thats going on in my life...I have found myself telling...myself that I need to look forward and not backward.
Yes, its totally 100% possible I could be called to testify or make a statement in court because of my brothers actions. Because it is another crime he has committed. But looking on the bright side of everything...I do hope my brother...who I will eventually stop refuring to as my brother soon...gets help. I am not really sure therapy is the best thing for him since he was in in-patient therapy from 14 to 20, and that obviously has not done any good. Jail is probably the better option for him. I can only hope he gets all the punishments he deserves.

On another bright side...I am finally learning not to let this drama get to me. Its a ton of drama. My neighbors feel unsafe, and my family does too. Its been weighing heavily on everyone around us, and I have learned to know that I can only do so much with helping and that I need to just let it go. I have sadly really let the stress and the drama...and especially the depression get to me, and thats not the smartest thing to do to your unborn child. I am learning that lesson, and doing so much better!! I finally am being happy, and though my nerves are getting to me a little about becoming a mommy, I am glad I am finally really enjoying my pregnancy and myself.

Now I am off for a day of hanging out with my friend. Another thing I have really not hang out with friends....when did lives get so complicated?


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