Saturday, April 2, 2011

Update on the Hubberkins!!

So I realized last night I do update alot on me...not really on how my Husband is doing.

For my new readers, my husband is currently on his 2nd deployment in Iraq, and he left in November...the day after he left I found out I was pregnant. So Hubby hasnt been able to enjoy this little experience very much.

Currently Hubby is getting a new job...which he will have when he gets back to Riley...He files the paperwork for all the soldiers who have to attend classes when they get back. But the Army is making him prepare for it now, so he is been really busy with his regular job and learning this new job. But he some how always manages to slip an email to me inbetween all of it.

Also he is getting SO excited that this pregnancy is making time fly by! Seriously counting in weeks is way better then months! The month goes by so slow and weeks seem to fly by.

Hubby works 12+ hour shifts everyday...which I know alot of your husbands/wives work way more, and then every week he gets 4 hours off early. Which when he is lucky and they dont call him back in, he has been spending playing Dominos.

Hubby also got a really great chance to meet..Oscar De La Hoya, and he loves that! Though I keep hearing people say their husbands hate the food over there, my husband loves it! Latley his only requests from me are brownies, and I'm too tired to bake...but I promised for Easter I'd make tonz of cookies again and brownies. I feel like a lazy wife, but given that I feel like I have a bowling ball in my uterus and on my bladder...I think I can be lazy sometimes.

We got almost 14 weeks till R&R and then after he returns to Iraq, about a month and a half till he gets home! Which that will fly by since I'll be moving and setting up the baby. I'm really excited this deployment has been flying by for the both of us and we both cant wait to spend lots of more time with our little one together.


Anonymous said...

That is so great that this deployment has flown by for the two of you! I always get scared they're going to just poke along. The last one wasn't as long as a normal deployment, but it felt 3x as long for some reason. I know you're so excited for R&R! Once it gets here, it won't be any time at all until he's home for good!

And PS - I definitely think you're entitled to being lazy!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the baby reminds him of everything he's there to defend. How great that it helps move time along as well!

Lou said...

girl i know this is odd for us, but if you pay for the materials i will make jar'd cupcakes for your husband and send them..and make them from you! i know doing that stuff is rough

Beckie said...

How nice to have a hubby update :). Good to know things are going pretty well and you guys have so much to look forward to! Hope time flies for you!

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