Friday, November 4, 2011

1 Week Ago..

I was waking up and heading to a friends house to help her decorate her house. You see our husbands were coming home! We spent the day running around and only sitting to eat or feed children.

We knew our husbands could have came home to a messy house and we still preped for them!

We had out last girls lunch date without the boys and cheered to our final day of our deployment!

We were shaved, we had fresh make up on, we had food in our bellys. We waited till 730PM and headed up to the holding tank.

We waitied for what seemed like meere minutes when they started showing our boys on the live feed at their briefings. Of course our were sitting next to eachother. We smiled and giggled and pointed at how cute they were.

Within the next hour our husbands were going to be in our arms!

The music started and the boys started filing in the door. Our of course standing next to eachother. We spotted them first. We screamed and smilied! We were so happy the cameras never even came out. Within seconds we head the words....


We were on the top of the bleachers and waited for our husbands to come up to us! as our men darted up the stairs we finally hugged them and felt that joy and that relief of knowing they were home!

No the cameras never came out. We didnt care. We had our husbands home and showing the world what we just experienced was over. We were happy as hell!

We walked the boys to their bags and took them home. Finally...HOME! We were happy as we have ever been. Our children finally had their dads back. But so many children are not getting their dads back, and that was no far from our minds. We will never forget those who made that sacrafice.

In one week we will be headed to Homer Glen, Illinois to honor one of those brave soldiers.

He's home! I am so very thankful he made it back! Everyone who experiences a deployment deserves that moment.

Waiting for Daddy to walk through the doors.
Daddy and Daughter
(she was tired)
Finally Together Again.


Megan said...

This post makes me smile and almost cry! So happy for you guys!

Reccewife said...

Yay! So happy for you! Enjoy :)

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