Monday, November 14, 2011


Saturday I was having a bad day. I needed a break from my sick baby girl, my husband was in Chicago for the Mike Hike, I was sad I couldnt be there like I wanted to be, I was also sick with a cold. I just felt like I was drowning. No one likes to admit that the pressure of being a mom can get to you. But it does.
Saturday was the Mike Hike in Homer Glen, Illinois and I kept thinking of the boys I knew who were running, plus Mike and another friend. Especially Mikes wife. I wanted to be there. It sucks I had to stay behind.

I called my Dad and vented everything I felt like I needed to vent. My dad gave me his advice and I started to feel better. We hung up with kids on both end going nuts.

I sat around for a bit, still in my pitty mode. Not wanting to do anything at ALL. I was pretty upset with the world and just felt like I needed a day off...which doesnt happen I know..but if your a mom, you have those days were it would be nice to not have a responciblity.
I finally told myself to get up and make my day better, sitting around wont help me feel better. After all I am The Optimistic Army Wife. I took out the laptop, added a few new songs to my itunes list. I turned up the volume "unchecked" songs that werent upbeat and started the playlist.
First song being...Rihanna - We Found Love

Talk about a song to get you in a lovley pumped up mood.

Isnt it amazing what one simple thing can do for you. I wrote this on my status on FB today...

a bad day can be turned around by just one song...or maybe even a whole playlist. Either is a gift. take it for granted. turning my day around starting right now

I'd like to think I just did.
Hopefully I can keep it up all day.
After all I got this face next to me.


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