Monday, November 28, 2011

Online Queen

I have been online shopping since THANKSGIVING..I bought all my deals on Black Friday and since today is Cyber Monday, I've been browsing around.
The other day we realized Evelyn has pretty much out grown her 3 month PJ's, and we went to pull out her 3-6 months....only one pair. So needless to say half the things we have been buying are for her to wear ASAP.
We've finally finished her shopping and bought her this beauty from Fisher-Price
SANTA ALERT: I bought this toy, which is sold out in almost every store, at and TODAY ONLY you can get 40% off your entire order by using the promocode: yoyo40 (wasnt paid to advertise this, just super excited about my deal)

My husband is lucky as it comes! He didnt ask for many things and because he did just buy a ton of crap from coming home, but he is getting EVERYTHING he has asked for. We have our 2nd Wedding Anniversary on the 30th of December and one present he will be getting a little late :)

My husband thinks I "ruin" the fun because I shop online instead of going to the stores, but because Topeka is an hour away and I choose not to deal with physco's I like to online shop. Plus alot of things I like you cant buy in the stores. Guess thats why I dont have a present under the tree yet.

Have any of you found any awesome deals on websites or in stores?


Natalie and Remington said...

Gotta love online shopping! I've bought Remington's gifts off of Amazon. He probably already knows what he is getting because we share the same amazon account. I have also bought my crib bedding, mobile and a few other baby things online. I hate going out shopping here in Utah county. It's so crazy and with the construction it just makes things worse. I will probably go out shopping for the small things though.

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