Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mommy Advice?

I have been so tired the last few days. Functioning isnt even the norm. I am litterally is overdrive mode...or Survival Mode. Evelyn learned to roll over and since she is a side sleeper, this makes her roll in her sleep. I decided I wouldnt be a freaked out Mom and just see how she does. Usually she squirms herself into a corner and stays on her side...but now she squirms into the corner and rolls on her tummy, and then screams cause shes on her tummy. Normally when shes on the floor and awake she can roll back over, but since she is in a corner and sleeping, she doesnt. So Mom rescues her and flips her over only to be woken an hour later to roll her over again.You'd think that the maybe minute I am awake, wouldnt effect my sleep. But it does.

I dont really know what to do with the rolling on her belly at night, but I almost feel like I shouldnt get up every 15 minutes to make sure shes not on her belly. I know sleeping on her belly is a no no, but what can I do to keep her on her side/back? I cant put pillows in the crib. All these rules are really getting to me. Can anyone give me some Advice on what I can do to help the girl (AND ME!!). We've been trying to let her cry alot of things out, but I am not sure if this is one of those things.


Ash@Life As Lucy said...

Caylee would NOT sleep on her back- only the tummy and she's alive and well. I know they say tummy sleeping isn't a good idea but at the same time if a child is strong enough to roll over or pick his/her head up - the risk for sids is much less. also back in the day, back sleeping was terrible and tummy was the way to sleep- some infants do die but it could happen with anything. if you think your child is well off enough to not need you to constantly roll her back over- then you do that. MOMMY KNOWS BEST! that's what I will always feel. I haven't been wrong yet.

Krista said...

once they roll they can sleep however they want. the belly is only a no-no when they are newborns. NEVER ever put pillows or positioners in the crib to keep her on her side/back.
you dont have to keep rolling her over, she can roll herself when she gets uncomfortable or she'll let you know!

Our Family of Three said...

if they roll onto their stomach- once or twice, it's usually accident and your supposed to correct them. if they do it more then that, then it's typically what they want, so its okay to leave them be.
if she cries however- they have those co sleepers things that you can put in her crib. they allow them less space to wiggle and move around, which could stop her from rolling in her sleep. maybe you could look into that. calee loved sleeping on her belly, so im not really sure! but i know how much good sleep is needed for a momma, so if i think of anything else i'll let ya know!

MrsMcDancer said...

My pediatrician {who I adore} said that once they are capable of rolling, there isn't much you can do to prevent it other than put them to bed on their backs. The risk of suffocation decreases greatly once they have the strength to roll. If you give her a chance, she'll figure out she can roll over on her own {I know it's hard to when they cry} In the end, just go with your gut! Mama knows best.

Audrey Spence said...

I just rolled up receiving blankets and that would usually keep Charlotte from rolling over. She had a tendency to do that as she got older. It helped with her. But she didn't wiggle around much else so that's probably why it worked so well. I'd say when in doubt ask her pediatrician. He/she would know best!

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