Friday, November 11, 2011

real vs fake

Yes...a Christmas post. No its not on Christmas. I need to be proven right...MMKAY!

I have always had a fake tree for Christmas. Hubby has had a real tree. Hubby has been fighting me tooth and nail on this subject. He got after me about wanting a "themed" tree (candy canes) and won the battle and got his way (red, gold and green) only after stomping away from me in Hobby Lobby telling me I am ruining Christmas.
Hubby and I had a VERY VERY different lifestyle growing up. I dont mind real tree's honestly! BUT, we will be in California for a week in December, and we also have wood floors and I dont know how to take care of a real tree, nor do I care to add another chore to my list.
Hubby keeps telling me how I am ruining his Christmas by doing things the way that my family did them...which I know I push my traditions more, because DUH! I grew up with those. So I am trying to comprimise. I gave him the ordements he wanted, even though I had a cute plan. But this real tree VS fake tree is going on and on and ON!! I am at my whits end and want to cancel Christmas.

So someone please tell me...should I get a real tree, I am 100% certain I cannot take care of and possibly ruin my floors PLUS buy a new tree every year! or buy 1 fake tree and call it good? Oh and BTW he's also fighting me on a pre-lit tree....AHHH.


Jane said...

This is so funny because my husband and I are having the same argument. Except that I'm your husband and my husband is you. lol I do not, not, not, want a fake tree. At all. It would ruin my Christmas haha and he wants one so bad and if it comes with lights already on it even better. And, I am devastated by this thought. I guess it's a good thing that our biggest fight is about Christmas trees! lol

Nicole said...

Real tree. We've never had a fake tree. I've never seen ruined floors from a tree :)

Natalie and Remington said...

Maybe people who grew up in Utah only had fake trees, because that's the one I would go for. What a hassle taking care of a real tree. I would say to him that this year we can have a real tree and the next year lets get a fake one??

Audrey Spence said...

I always had a real tree growing up and Scott always had fake. I've won every year :) They're easy to take care of. Just get plastic tree stand that can hold a decent amount of water and you just have to keep the bottom part full enough so the tree can always get water. They might drink a lot at first but after a couple days or so they'll take less and you don't have to water as often. I love the smell of a fresh tree and I have to have it because I always did. Scott thinks its a waste but he loves me and lets me get away with it. Plus my parents have been nice enough to pick us up one while they've gotten theirs in the past so can he really say no to a free tree? I think not :)

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