Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I might have lost my mind. Ever since the husband got home I have been sick and busy and sick and busy! Right now I am so sick I cannot even taste anything!

I agreed to go to my husbands hometown and visit his home, which I was hugly against since she smokes in the house and that makes me a bit paranoid with a baby around. Plus most of his friends are effing crazy!!

I was pretty excited to go to Chicago this weekend to do this thing called the Mike Hike its after one of the boys who died in an attack on my husbands unit back in June. I was pretty excited till apperently every girl decided not to go. I guess its not such a big deal since it will probably be too cold for Evelyn. But I was looking forward to seeing Mikes wife, Sharon. Its whatever I guess just a huge bummer. So my husband is going with the guys, which is whatever...its not like I didnt just do a year without him but I am not happy about being alone again.

We found out my beautiful dress from Davids Bridal for the Ball in December wont arrive till probably the 28th of November and the Ball is the 1st of December. So I am way stressed about that.

I am loving having my husband home, but for real...life isnt giving me the break I was hoping for.

We started giving Evelyn formula. Ya ya...think I am awful all you want. I am not enjoying breastfeeding anymore. My daughter loves to tug on me and play and its just not working for us anymore. Plus I am pretty sure I am not producing enough milk. Hopefully this will help her.

I just hope things look up soon. I need a break...if I dont get one soon, at least we rented a room for the Ball!...if I have a dress!


Ash@Life As Lucy said...

you are not awful. you tried to breastfeed and that's good enough. people always want to say breast is best but sometimes formula just happens to be what you and baby need. a happy mommy is a happy baby <3 don't beat yourself up!

Natalie and Remington said...

My sister told me that she could only breast feed for two months. She felt completely trapped in a way. So, I don't blame you. I will try the breastfeeding out and see how it works out for me. It will be hard for me though because I will have to be at work sometimes. I don't see how some of these women breastfeed for over a year!

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