Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Sorry I've been so absent...but if you havent already read...

Paul got home on Friday!

We have been quite busy getting him adjusted and Evelyn as well. She didnt take to him quite like I thought she would. She was not liking him at first but I cant say I blame her, shes been around only girls for over a month and a half. Today before he went to work she was smiling at him and everything so I think shes caught on to the fact that he'll be around for a while. :)

Anyways! I have a ton to report but I also have a mountain of laundry to finish! We all know how it gets after the boys/girls come home! A zillion more things on the to-do list. But until then he's a few pictures!!

Like father like daughter
My beauty Belle 


Ash@Life As Lucy said...

so glad he's finally home!! and omg how cute was Evelyn as Belle!!

Audrey Spence said...

You apologize for not being around? Psh.... you definitely don't need to apologize. I'm so glad he finally made it home. Yay for you getting to share baby duties! It must be such a nice relief!

Reccewife said...

love the Belle costume :). Enjoy your time together!

MrsMcDancer said...

So glad your family is complete again! Love love love the Belle costume :-)

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