Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crib Bummpers

We have just set up Evelyns nursery. I bought a bedding set a while ago, almost right after we found out we were having a girl.  Of course I knew we wouldnt be putting her room together till Hubby got home from deployment.
After reading up more on the dangers of so many things its unbelievable to me why we dont just stick them in bubbles. I decided we wouldnt be using our crib bummbers.

Evelyns been sleeping in her pack and play her whole life, and we were really excited to put her in something new. But we started having a problem when she was sleeping. She moves her head into the corner of the bed and pushes and pushes. So I started the reconcider the crib bummper thing.

According to my research crib bummpers can cause suffocation, but if you have to use them, they need to be tied tight to the bed.
We thought we would see how she acted with no bummpers right after we set up her crib. She played and squirmed and had fun for a bit. We kept an eye on her and then realized she was biting the rails. We took her away from the rails and she played again...squirming up into a corner again.

Finally we decided we needed the bumpers. My little sister when she was a baby had put her foot through the rails and broke her foot. Keep in mind her birth father probably didnt help that situation either. (yes she is adopted).
I keep finding out how judgmental people are in the parenting world...and no we are not awful parents for putting them up. We just dont want to find our daughter tangled up in the rails one morning or even find her chewing the hell out of the wood. This girl apperently love the corners of her bed, and we are doing our best to keep her safe by not letting her dangle out of her bed. Of course she still wakes up every 2 hours anyways so we do see her throughout the night and can move her if need be.


Ashleigh said...

Have you heard of Breathable Bumpers? We used those bc our daughter did the same thing, but we didn't want her to get her legs or arms stuck in the slats. The breathable bumpers are great! You can find them at Babies R Us!

Audrey Spence said...

I always used the bumper pad and Charlotte was fine. I would also just prop rolled blankets from her armpits down because Charlotte would try to roll in her sleep or she'd end up on her side sleeping. But it sounds like Evelyn's a little wiggle worm so I bet those breathable bumpers would be a good idea. I remember being pretty paranoid when Charlotte was first born. I don't have a monitor and Charlotte slept in her crib from the first day we brought her home because we didn't have a bassinet or anything. I always had to go in and check on her because I was so afraid of something happening to her. She was always fine and I had to just try not to stress out or else I'd never sleep. I still even check on her. Always concerned about my girl :)

Ash@Life As Lucy said...

I used the bumpers with Caylee too for the same reason and she was fine. our pediatrician always told us that if your baby is strong enough to hold her head up or look up and turn her head, she will feel when she's not breathing and will readjust. how true this is i don't know because people like to point to bumpers and so many other things for sids. Do what YOU feel is best for your baby. There are breathable bumpers so that could be an option. nothing wrong with being worried or concerned but always follow your gut.

Mary Mack... said...

Ruthie had bumpers...she slept in the corner of the bed and if she ever slept in a crib with no bumper she would bash her head into the crib. Always go with your gut it will always be right.

AbbeyG said...

I totally agree with what you said about putting our babies in a bubble. It will drive a person absolutely insane to try and take EVERY precaution ever mentioned. They probably end up contradicting each other! lol. I actually have a post scheduled that mentions this. You are the mommy, and I'm sure your baby means the whole world to you, so I would say definitely just trust your instincts. (:

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