Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank You Grandpa.

These are my 2 vet's in my life. My Grandpa served in the Korean War and of course my Husband served in Iraq twice for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn.

Everyone knows about my husbands service but my Grandfather never talked about his service until my husband joined the family! He loves to talk to my husband about his times in Germany.

My Grandpa was drafted into the US Army and did his training in Texas (sorry I dont remember Forts or anything like that.) he was lucky enough to be sent to Germany instead of Korea, at least thats the way he looks at it.
I bet my cousins didnt know that he was lucky enough to go to France and Italy while he was there, that he also got the chance to meet the Pope but passed up the chance. He also had his CO (comanding officer) throw away his garments because they weren't issued, but good ol' grandpa went to the dumpster to get them anyways.
Grandpa never really talked about his Army life, he really wanted to ignore that part of his life, seeing as he didnt want to go. I am glad my husband came into my life and into his so that he would open up more about it. We have enjoyed to hear his stories!

Another Vet on my mind is a man named Mike Olivieri. He is being honored tomorrow in Homer Glen, Illinois for his ultimate sacrafice on June 6th in Iraq. My husband was good friends with his as well as another soldier who lost his life that day. 6 men died on that day and over 20 were injured. I know that day had to of been a hard one. I am proud of the men I know headed to Illinois today, including my husband, to run the 5K they have set up to honor more veterans. I wish I was headed there too. Thank you for your sacrafice!


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