Sunday, November 13, 2011

Off With My Head.

I lost my brain? I cant find it. Since Hubby got home I've completly gone dumb. I swear I forget to do so many things! Like make dinner. I forget all the time that I now have someone to cook for.
I dont know if my brain is having a problem with adjusting to the fact that my married life is 10x's more different then it was before or what! But I've lost it. Sometimes I wonder how I am functioning.
Other then that, we are weaning Evelyn off of Breast milk and giving her formula...I know. I know. But I think when your start to realize that breast milk isnt cutting it for your chunkers, or when you start to be come absolutly frustrated with breastfeeding its probably time to stop and do other options.
We put Evelyn on Similac with Soy. The last time I gave her fomula (Similac Milk-Based) she vomited (not spit-up) for 2 days. Her doctor was 75% sure she was allergic to Milk. But so far shes doing amazing with the Soy!
Its hard for me to be regected from her not wanting my milk anymore, even if I wanted to get her on formula it still kinda sucks! But I decided to help keep up with nutrition I would breastfed at least twice a day. I have frozen milk right now, and I will pump a little a day to help. I have no problem with formula fed babys, its just not what I wanted for my child so soon. But I am completly overwhelmed with breastfeeding and the amount of pressure. Plus I cant stand the thought of breastfeeding in public! I know some woman can do it, but the thought makes me so nervous! Evelyn wiggles so much that even when I cover up for company at home shes kicking the blanket off. Even the kind that wrap around my neck.
Needless to say I am happy that I am stopping. The girl sleeps longer at night which makes me saner! Since she used to be up almost every hour! Now shes just sleeping for at least 4 hours at a time, which is so nice!

Hopefully I find my brain soon.


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