Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Going To Cali...

Hubby and I decided to go to California for a few days on leave. We will be moving to Fort Bragg, North Carolina in March and we are both from West Coast states. He is from California and I am from Utah, so we decided we'd go to California since we spent his R&R in Utah...having a baby.
I was super excited because we werent going to Northern California, where he is from, and we were going to Disneyland and Seaworld! I have been dying to go! But seeing the heartbreak in his eyes and knowing we were about to piss off a ton of people, we switched the flight to go to Oakland and see his family.
If you know my relationship with my MIL, you'd know I am not at all excited about this. Shes ignored me, shes strange, she has absolutly no interest in my life with Paul, she doesnt put ANY effort into having a relationship with Paul or I unless we put forth the effort, and because its his mom we do. I am not the biggest fan of her. But I love my husband and I am doing this for him, not her.
I am beyond excited to see a few of his friends, they are pretty cool. I think most of them are insane and should probably be locked up but hey it happens.
I am also so so excited to spend a day away from EVERYONE and go to San Fransisco and go to Alkatraz, since last time we were in California we misssed the very last ferry. Plus we will be seeing my cuzzo!
Pauls family relationships are soo different from mine. Most of my family (both sides) are very close and we almost always know whats going on it everyones lives. His side doesnt try and doesnt care. His cousin went so far to give me parenting advice....ok not advice more like demands.
When we pierced Evelyns ears we put sterling silver in them. His cousin flipped out and told us we should have put gold in her ears incase of a reaction....well I flipped back out at her. If she had an allergic reaction...DUH! I would take them out, and DUH people are allergic to gold as well! She deleted me off her FB page, cause I cared so much, and now that we're going to California...shes been adding me constantly...DENIED! (btw did you know if you ignore a friend request they can still see all your posts?)
This side of his family didnt even try to come see Paul and I when we were in California almost 2 years ago. I dont care. They wont try this time, and Paul and I had a talk about it, and I dont care if I meet them and he doesnt care if he see's them. So we wont be going to San Jose to see them. PERIOD.

Yeah I know. California doesnt seem like a ton of fun. I cant leave Evelyn with his Mom, because she doesnt understand the...dont smoke around a baby, wash your hands after you smoke, and you smell like smoke and now my child reaks of smoke...plus you smoke pot, rule. So this is more of a Pauls vacation. I am so glad we wont be there for Christmas though! We will be back in Kansas before then to have our own family vacation.
This leave is 1 month for us! We are excited to spend alot of quality time together. We really do need some quality family time, with no extended family! Plus I am super excited about San Fran! If you've never been there I highly recommend you go! Its a beautiful city!

So I guess thats what makes me Optimistic...is even though I am not excited about alot of things...I am beyond excited that...
  • it wont last forever, we will only be there one week and one day out of that week it will be just us 3.
  • having Christmas in our own home for the first time since we got married.
  • Seeing my cousin.
  • next time we take a trip it will be to UTAH!
Gotta love being an optimist!


Audrey Spence said...

Okay the earring thing... seriously? You never know what allergies kids will have. My sister developed a crazy nickel allergy so even the buttons on her jeans make her break out. Who would've thought?
I've been to SF once just to see Fisherman's Warf and the Golden Gate bridge. Then me and my friend made a couple wrong turns on one way streets and we were lost in the ghetto. Two white girls as it got dark. Haha, yeah it was fun but I probably wouldn't do it again :)
And I'm super excited for the whole next trip to UT thing. That will be fun. We'll miss you guys at Thanksgiving this year!

Mary Mack... said...

My mother in law just now figured out that 2nd hand smoke is deadly. We've only been telling her that for 21 years (the age of my oldest niece)

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