Thursday, January 5, 2012

30 Days.

30 days is a long time! As much as I have enjoyed the time with my husband being on Leave for 30 days...I am ready for him to be doing something other then play video games and not helping out.
The first week we we're on vacation and he was helpful when we were packing around Evelyn. The 2nd week he was helpful. The 3rd week he slacked and now that we are on the last few days its NOTHING!
At night time we have little fights because I am sick of him sitting on the couch and not changing or feeding Evelyn. I know he needed a break, but COME ON! Nothing? No cooking? No little pick up? No putting things away?

He complains that I get after him about never cleaning bottles. He says just washing them out is just fine, which yes if need be a washed out bottle is fine if the others are dirty, but concidering we have 7 bottles, we dont have them all dirty at once very often. But using the same bottle constantly without washing. I dont know maybe I am a little anal, but we have clean bottles!

I am exhausted at the end of the day from constantly going and cleaning up ALL DAY long. I am just ready to get on a normal day...whatever those are.

...just so everyone knows, I am super happy to have him home.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

My hubby only had 2 weeks leave so we never got to that point, but before he left it was like that alot! I am a very OCD clean house person and when Id find dirty clothes every single night on the floor NEXT TO the hamper I would have a fit. Try not to let it get to you too much so you can have a wonderful last few days. Otherwise you might regret it when he goes back! (but by all means you have a right to be frustrated!)

Cassidy said...

I know what you mean when you say 'being anal.' I love my husband but he can never get things clean the way I like it done. It's why we love them.

MrsMcDancer said...

It can definitely be tough when the hubs sees it as a vacation/do nothing time and I see it as hey an extra pair of hands time. I always have to remind myself that if he wasn't there I'd be doing it anyways, but only after I tell him a little help would be nice! lol

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