Monday, January 16, 2012


We have a few new additions to our household! No not pregnant again...yepp a little too early for that. No animals either, not ready for those. But we have a few new household items!

Hubby and I have been really looking into re-doing some furniture in our in "selling and buying" re-doing.

We have had this red couch since we got married. My husband insisted on buying a red couch, I threw my hands up in the air and let him buy it...well I've always hated the damn thing. Theres only so many decor options with a red couch. We finally decided to sell the damn thing and buy a new one. We used the money from selling the red couch to put down on a new couch...well within a matter of 1 hour the couch was sold so we had no couch...but not to fear the next day we went out and found this beauty!!
I am now aware everything in my living room is BROWN, so decor will be re done when we move. We were lucky enough to take this right off the floor! The original couch we picked was amazing, it was brown leather and you could change it from a sectional to a love seat and sofa! Perfect for a military family, but the couch wouldnt be in for at least 30+ days! My parents are coming on the 25th so that just was not going to work. I am happy we picked this couch! Its not to big or too small.

The other new thing in our house is just bedding for our Guest Bedroom. As I just said my parents are coming on the 25th and we havent done anything with our "guest room" right now its not technically a guest room, its a sunroom but we had a guest bed so we just made it into a room, and because its right next to our living room most of Evelyns toys go in there. Hubs has been conviced that we need something warmer for my parents since its surrounded by windows. So I started looking online (LOVE) and found an amazing site called and I bought a 225.00 bed set for 79.99! I wish this was our bedset but here it is!

Its from Hotel Collections and I really do love it! Once again nothing matches but just something else to look for once we move! :)

Dont you just love having your own home??


wHiT said...

Love the new couch! I was trying to talk my husband into one like that. :)

Cassidy said...

I love the new couch. That was something simliar to what I wanted for our house, but my husband made a deal with me. I could refurnish the entire house as long as he could pick the couch. Well we ended up getting 2 black/chocolate leather and microsuade sofa recliners. I'm in debate to get the corner piece. He stopped me when I stepped in to give my opinion on the couch and he said 'baby, we had a deal.' I sighed, looked at the salesman and said 'we'll take 2 of those couches please.' You are VERY lucky to have taken that one off the floor. We had to wait a week for the second couch, but at least we could take one home for a sitting area. I'm so glad he picked these out. I will have to post pictures of our livingroom and dining area so you'll be able to see how well browns can accent a house. The front of our house is full of crimsons, deep brown and off white. It goes so well, and I agree it's bliss having your own home to redecorate.

Anonymous said...

I sold furniture for awhile and we sold your red couch all day and all night. 80% of the time it was husbands wanting it in red and the wife would be upset. LOL. Glad you got something you like.

MrsMcDancer said...

Love the new couch!!! I almost bought something like it, but went for something a little more traditional {just because it was sooooo comfy} I will def have to check out that website for bedding!

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