Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Now I have heard the horror stories of teething. The baby staying up all night screaming their heads off, no way to calm them down. Those stories...let me tell you my story.

Teething...was a piece of CAKE! Evelyn must love to sleep because she didnt wake up all night screaming or nothing. I was fully prepared to be awake all night when we found her teeth starting to break through. I took the portacrib downstairs, because the husband had work and needed to sleep, and I slept on the couch and made Evelyn very comfortable. I had already bought her teething tablets and Day & Night Oragel. It took a while to get her to sleep but I made sure to give her tylenol and the oragel, and she went to sleep pretty good. She was a little fussy in her sleep but nothing her binkie couldnt handle.

After 3 days the 2 bottom teeth finally popped out!...
She did awesome! I am so proud of how she did with this! I know I got very lucky with her. I cna only hope that she does this good with all the other 25 teeth!


Our Family of Four said...

Yay for Evelyn! 2 cute little teefers!
Calee was always a pretty easy teether, too! She had her days where she was more fussy- and those days drove me crazy! But 90% of the time she was a champ.. Until we reached the molars! :/ Haha. Thank goodness she has almost all of her teeth so we are close to being DONE!

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