Thursday, January 5, 2012


..not resolutions. I never saw the point. I never cared. My goals are pretty short term. Nothing wrong with short term goals, especially since a move is in 2 months!

1. Loose Weight:
Right now Hubs and I are starting to work out and eat better. I wont lie, I LOVE food! I hate the idea of not having a frozen milky way after a hard day. We watched a Doctumentry called; Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. If you've never watched it, I strongly suggest you do! We are inching our way closer to this diet/detox of ONLY 100% fruit and vegtable juices! I need to loose weight. Its unbelievable how much I have put on since the husbands 1st deployment! and we just finished our 2nd and the weight is still on me! So for right now we are exersicing. I am doing yoga and he is running. Plus replacing 1 meal a day with just fruit/vegtable juice!

2. Get More Organized!
I am pretty organized. I'll be the first to admit it, I know where every slip of paper is! But! You should see my basement. Its a wreck. I have been going through boxes after the move, trying to find the little things I need that ended up in some random box. So needless to say everything needs to be brought upstairs and re-organized!

3. Get better at saving!
I am not going to lie. The husband and I have done AWESOME at saving money, but we still allow ourselfs to dip into savings. We need the money for the move across the country. We need to keep money in there for retirment or emergancy. We dont have credit cards at all! Our bills are kind of outragous! I am ready to cancel cable. This last month we had Christmas which was a HUGE money sucker but we still managed to save money, and this paycheck we had our Anniversary. We spent more then we planned to but because Hubs wasnt here last year we both think its worth it. Sadly we couldnt save money after running out of eggs, from my husbands stupid cookin experient, to running out of baby food to my husband insisting we needed sushi! We needed to dip and so we did. We have enough gas, and I am not going ANYWHERE! Thank goodness the Ball is on the 26th and I have EVERYTHING paid for! Not a dime to spend on that!

4. Be a better Mommy.
I love Evelyn to death, but sometimes I find myself slacking in the Mom department. I play with her and feed her and change her and then sometimes I have a mental block and dont do anything with her. I have put off putting her on a schedule for a while! I finally decided it was time! Hubs is going back to work and I will have 12+ hours a day with her. I need to do it. So far its so good, though I dont know why she instists on only sleeping 25 minutes, twice a day. I am figuring it out...little by little.

5. Be a better Wifey.
The hubs and I do a good job at spending alone time together. We had our Anniversary alone, and we had friends take her for a couple of hours one day as well. We have "date nights" after the baby goes to sleep. Such as desert and wii games together. We enjoy it and we love it, but the last week we dont do that anymore. He wants some alone time and I do too after the baby goes down. But at 8 o'clock we are always in bed watching Dexter together. Its a great time for us both! Hopefully we can maximize our time outside of the TV and Dexter.

6. Get my own alone time once a day.
I need this one! I usually have the hubs watch Evelyn while I take a shower and then after the shower I read my book for a while. But I almost feel like its not enough. I should be doing more! Maybe a walk alone or sit outside and read.


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