Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to the Norm.

30 Days and 2 months of my husband being home have now passed. Wasnt that fast? He started going back to normal work days this morning. I wont denie...its flipping weird not having him here, as much as he drove me nuts! It was nice to have an extra hand with Evelyn.

But now that he is back its time for more Mommy & Daughter time. I am pretty pumped to start working with Evelyn on her feedings and her new schedule. She keeps me pretty busy, especially since after her 5am feeding she decided its time to get up and play. She's doing awesome at eating baby food! I was planning on making her own foods, but I cannot afford at this point to go buy a food processor. So I am buying gerber baby foods. She loves everything we give her EXCEPT Squash. She spit that out and made a HUGE mess.

I am really hoping I can get her on a good schedule. We kept her off a normal one since we we're almost constantly going right when Hubs got home. I have almost regretted it, but it really maximized our family time and that made it worth it!

I am so glad the C.O (commanding officer) kept his promise and maximized our time together. After a 12 month deployment thats so important. Those that dont get these long deployments will never understand. Your husbands miss so much especially when you have a newborn while he's away. I am so glad Hubs was here to watch Evelyn learn to roll around and blabber mouth all the time! She's even more interested into crawling, and its been a blast watching her try.

Well I got a baby who's mad she cant reach her toys so I better go. But here's a little photo of Miss Evelyn eating some Apples.


Leanne said...

Beautiful blog, Liz! My husband, National Guard, came home from Iraq and didn't have too much time before he had to jump back into work. (He is self-employed so it adds a whole new spin.) However, we had saved $$$ the whole time he was deployed so that we could spend a stress-free week as a family at Disney World. It was the /best/ week of our lives as a family. It is so important to reconnect after a deployment. So glad you had that time with your new family.

wHiT said...

Awe best of luck getting on the new routine!

Our Family of Four said...

I am glad you got some much needed time as the 3 of you before the crazy work stuff gets thrown back in. That little break when they come back is the best! I am so happy for you guys, you are such a cute little family.
P.S- Good luck with the new routine! Just be consistent, even on days when she is acting like a stinker, and it will all be worth it, promise :)

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