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Hubs got a call from Fort Bragg Picerne saying we have a house!! We are living on post since he has 2 different trainings to do when he gets to Bragg, such as Airborne training and ALC, So I will be home alone alot and as excited as we were looking at homes to rent off post, the worse I felt about how I know I'd feel being in an area alone.
If you'd like to know where we applied to live in Bragg just ask and I'll let you know.

The house we're going to live in is a single home, which is great! I am excited to have a home with no one I dont know 10 feet away. Our housing also goes off rank, unlike what it does here, so Hubs can make friends his rank. Our neighbors are all PVT's and he is an SSG so it doesnt work too good.

Anyways! I am still freaking out about the move but that made me really happy and excited that we could get the house we want and it will be waiting for us!

Can anyone give me advice on how everything will work when the Army moves us? I've never PCS'ed before and neither has my husband. Anyone got tips for us?


wHiT said...

awe best of luck moving! :)

Cassidy said...

Do you plan on doing a full or partial 'Diddy move'. Basically you can do some of the moving yourself and the Army does the rest, or they do it all for you. Either way I do have some tips [from our experience].

1. If you have anything valuable that you can't afford to have anything happen to, move it yourself. Example: We have 3 motorcycles we chose to move ourselves. Simply because of the horror stories we've heard about the ARMY damaging personal items [motorcycles in particular] and not having them repaired. So we moved them ourselves.

2. Once you get your things back from the movers check EVERYTHING!! Example: We had a headboard to my son's bed, that went missing. After I'd made some calls they told me and I quote 'oh it was sent to someone else.' How they could send it to someone else when it's on OUR list, I'll never know. We never saw it again.

3. IF anything goes missing or is damaged BE SURE to make the ARMY pay for it. They will, but you have to push and push and push for them to do it. If you don't follow up, they will gladly not pay for thier wrongs. Example: Our expensive king size mattress was BOXED when the movers came out point A house. When it came to point B house, there was no box around it and it had 2 stains. Our sectional couch was ripped in SO many places. My sons headboard was missing. I kept pushing on these people and they avoided us. In the end, nothing was replaced or fixed. You MUST keep on these people and I don't mean over the phone. Make sure you keep copies of everything as well.

4. If you decide to move some things yourself aka 'Partial Diddy' before you weight make sure your vehicle is SO LIGHT as in barely any gas in it, only one person and nothing else. This way when you do go to have it weighed, do it after EVERYTHING is loaded. The heavier the vehicle, the more money the ARMY will give you for your move. We were blessed, and got close to 5k for the move because we had his large 1500 Ram truck WITH a 14 ft Motorcycle trailer that we made EXTREMELY heavy with 3 motorcycles and household items.

5. When you get to the point B destination, don't expect to have your household items for a week at the minimum. We had to wait a week and a half. Make sure you have something to eat off, drink out of, silverware, basically necessities since you already have a home waiting for you. If I were you I'd start calling the cable company to schedule that too since you have an address. This way you won't have to wait forever to have things hooked up. Start with your address change from where you're at currently.

I hope some of this information helps. If I can think of anything else I'll let you know. Good luck.

Samantha said...

Cassidy had so many good tips!! I say look up Facebook groups in the area and get involved when you get there so you won't be lonely and bored when hubs is busy with his schools and stuff!!

Jenn said...

Hi I just stumbled upon your blog and thought I'd throw my two cents in regarding PCS moves. We've always moved ourselves (heard too many horror stories about letting the Army move you!), but our neighbors warned us about the movers. They said that there were all of these numbers and codes next to the various pieces of furniture on their sign-off list (or whatever the loading paperwork is called). They figured it had to do with weight or something technical and just signed off on everything. Turns out that the codes stood for the condition that the piece of furniture was in upon moving day. Like their brand-new couch had a code next to it saying it had a giant scratch across the front, when there wasn't one there. Since my neighbors signed off on the codes, the basically said that there was a big scratch on it, and were releasing the movers from being liable for damages. So that stunk for them. It happened to almost all of their furniture. Not trying to scare you, just don't want you to get stuck in the same situation! Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck! The Army moved everything for us since we were in Hawaii. But I would recommend having a good amount of money saved before the PCS move. We ended up buying a lot of things once we moved out here. Our household goods did not come until almost a month after we got to Texas so you may be eating take out for that long. I would recommend taking advantage of a loan closet on post if the post your going to have it. The loan closet should have kitchen stuff. I wish we took advantage of it but instead we bought cheap pots, pans and utensil and bough paper plates while we waited for our household goods. Watch the movers pack your stuff because we ended up missing a sentimental money bouquet worth $200 but I failed to watch them pack it and they did not put it on the list of valuables so really keep an eye out on your belongings.

FemminaDaVinci said...

We've never PCS'd before, but if you have any questions about Bragg, be sure to let me know :)

Ash@Life As Lucy said...

i had great experiences with our movers. i'd suggest providing drinks and lunch [the better you treat them the better they will treat your stuff]. also if there is anything truly valuable and irreplacable i suggest you packing it and putting it in your car. they didn't lose or ruin ANY of our stuff but i've heard of it happening before. you don't need to empty your dressers or closets. they will just put paper on top of the clothes in the drawers and the closets will just be transferred into "portable closet boxes"! i wouldn't have done it any other way. it relieved so much stress for our family!

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