Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Hunger Games

YES! I know I am late on the band wagon. I have been told for about a year to read this book, but the name didnt seem like something I would be interested in, boy...I was wrong!

This book is better then Twilight. It took me a flippin month to read it, only because the husband hates when I read, and I had the baby and leave on my hands. I read the very end within a matter of hours! I made the hubby take the baby off my hands.

I would recommend this book to anyone! My whole family loved it! and believe me we're a bunch of freaks.

I know the movie is coming out in March and sadly the Hubs and I move to North Carolina in March, I am hoping before we leave we can go out to see it together, because I know we wont have a baby sitter in NC. I hope I can see it in theaters! ("may the odds be in your favor....")

So if you like adventure thrown in with a little romance and danger, I would recommend this book!! If you havent seen the trailer for the movie yet click here

BTW if you have read the book and want to hear a song from the movie click here!

photocredit (the wikipedia site)
photocredit  (click here also for the IMDB (internet movie database) on the movie)


Krista said...

i loved this series!

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