Sunday, January 22, 2012

"umm, ok?"

I guess I am having one of those days. Latley I feel myself saying this all the time!

Saturday night my husband decided to go mudding at 3pm...well 5:30 rolls around and I get a call saying they are stuck, but no worry they called friends to come help them get out of the mud. A few more hours go by and they cant get out and have to call a tow truck, not to mention the other persons jeep gets stuck. Turns out the truck they were in was so lop sided that one wheel was off the ground and so far deep into the mudd you couldnt see the headlights. So I asked my husband why they did this...and he said it was just a little a lake..."umm, ok?" and they decided to go through it. Well it wasn't JUST A PUDDLE. I am just glad it wasn't our car, or our money!

Then a friend asks me today if I can baby sit her daughter for a few hours...usually I dont ask why but given that I had plans on the day to get more things ready to PCS, I asked...."oh I need to go tan"..."umm, ok?" So now not only do I not get to go do my things I need to do before we PCS, such as oil changes and talking to transportation. I will now either be draggin her daughter around + my daughter, or not getting anything done! Normally I would be able to get it done on another day but my parents arrive on Wenesday, and our Ball is on Thursday and my parents dont leave until the 30th, when I should have turned in my 30 day notice. I am on a schedule people! I dont have time to watch your kid so you can go tan. MMkay.

I realize I have my nerves up, and yes you'll notice it. But I have never PCS'ed before, and I am freaking out! Not to mention....Evelyns got her 2 top teeth coming down, you know how I mentioned teething did I put it???..oh "a piece of cake!"....LIES ALL LIES!!!

Ahhh. Hopefully for better days.


Natalie and Remington said...

She wanted you to watch her kid just so she could go tanning?? Wow! You are WAY too nice. I would have probably said no. I'm sorry you're going through this! Stress really sucks sometimes! I hope your little girl can get through the rest of this teething stage alright.

Jamie said...

PCS'ing is so stressful. You'll get through it though. Your daughter is adorable.

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