Saturday, April 21, 2012

9 Months!

Oh Evelyn,

My screaming, yelling, trying to talk baby girl! I cant believe it. 9 months old. You have now been apart of the world for longer then you were in my tummy. It just seems like yesterday. Your such a beautiful girl inside and out and I'm beyond blessed to have you. I hope you always stay my baby girl!

Love, Mommy

Diapers-Size 3.

Clothes- 6 months and a few 6-9 months.

Sleep- Sleeping through the night! (although you've been waking up screaming for some odd reason.)

Food- Loves every type of baby food! 5oz of formula, and anywhere from 8 to 10oz at night.

Teeth- You have 4 teeth now! 

Firsts- You learned how to pull yourself up onto things, and walk around holding onto objects. You blow raspberries! You went to Disney World for the first time and LOVED it!!

(gotta love her bruises!)


Chantal said...

Happy 9 Months! It feels like you were just posting she was 8 months and 7 months!

Morgan Neal said...

She is precious! Love this!

Lou said...

omg she is adorable!!!

Our Little Fam said...

Can't believe she is 9 months already!

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