Monday, April 16, 2012

Back to Work

The Hub's 30 leave has ended and he started to in-process on Wednesday. I was kind of excited and although I'll miss the help with Evelyn at night time, I am pretty grateful he is going back to work. As much as I love that dear sweet man, he has a tendency to make me a tad bit lazy with housework. Although before he did go back to work to leave me with a crawling, pulling herself up onto everything 8 month old I did manage to deep clean :)

The Hubs got to his new unit here at Bragg on Friday and was told he will be going into the field in 2 weeks. My husband is in an Airborne Unit and has not done Airborne School yet, so while all the other soldiers drop into the field he will be driven out there. HAHA. We've also learned that within the next 60 days he must go to Airborne School, YIPPY! I'm pretty excited for him!

When he came home on Friday he had his new red...oh excuse me maroon beret on with his new unit patch and just told me "I am going to Airborne School, I am going to the field in 2 weeks, I need new boots for my dress uniform" So things to be done :)

My mom will be here the week that he is in the field so it wont be so bad. I haven't met anyone besides Elizabeth at Defying Gravity and also a girl that was friends with one of my best girlfriends back at Riley. So it would have almost been a very lonely week, so I am pretty glad my mom will be here.

Other then that it seems like we are getting to know Bragg and Fayettville pretty well! I was worried that the hubs would start work and I'd have to figure this all out on my own, but it seems like I know this post a little better then him :)


Morgan Neal said...

And lunch Wth me on Thursday!

Chantal said...

Oh I hear you about not getting housework done!

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