Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mommy Blues.

The last month I have started to feel like a horrible mom...now I'm not talking horrid, I am talking like "I don't know how to keep doing what I feel is best for my child when she wont corporate" horrible. I find myself giving into her more and not trying as hard because I am just plain exhausted.

If your my friend on FB you know that I have still been struggling with Evelyn on sleeping through the night. The one night she slept from 8pm to 7am was an amazing night and needed but since then it hasn't been happening. We're still giving her 8oz of food at night so we know she's not starving when she wakes up anymore, she's now doing it purely out of habit. And its a habit I'm not sure how to break.

I bought the book Baby Wise, and I am working my way through the book, and this last weekend wasn't a very good time to sit and read when we had a friend up from Cherry Point, and the boys thinking it was all about playing games. So I read only basic sleeping chapters.

Evelyn used to put herself on a schedule almost with naps. She always wanted a nap about every 3 hours. Since the move I have no clue where that went. I am trying to get her back onto a nap schedule. Even as I write this Evelyn is in her crib really mad because she doesn't want to nap, but tough luck kid-o! She needs at least 2 naps a day and I'm gonna start doing this.

The Hubs starts work back up on Wednesday and I am determined to get Evelyn back on something. I usually let Evelyn wake me up, but its about that time I start waking up and getting her out of bed for a while. Get her on something and stick to it. 

I cannot explain why I didn't do this earlier and waited this long. I have always trusted my daughter to be smart and figure it out, but now I can see she needs help. No problem, but Momma needs some help too. I let way too many things go to make excuses. "Dad's Coming Home Soon", "We're Going on Vacation", "We're moving", "We're unpacking"...Umm no, no more excuses. Yes while some of those we're reasonable, its not time to freaking buckle down and get her sleeping through the night and back onto a schedule. 


Elizabeth said...

I think it will be a lot easier to put her back on a schedule with Paul back and work and a routine starting again.

Kids are like dogs in a way ... they need repetition and stabalization.

Our dogs have been weird since moving here because they know it's not their house, and we haven't been on the same schedule since we left GA.

Pat just went back to work today and I'm still job hunting so it will be a while before they are on a schedule.

You guys did a lot of moving, and trips and stuff and she wasn't used to that.

you're a great mom, you're going to figure it out and get your sleep back! :)

Our Family of Four said...

Don't feel like a bad Mama. Kids are tough! Once you get going this week, just stick to the same time frame, the same nap time routine, etc. and eventually she will get the hang of it. It does take some time though and lots of patience! Good luck, girlie!

Chantal said...

I hope you figure it out! I understand the frustration so much. I'm reading 90 minute sleep solution right now and it's working pretty well!

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