Monday, April 23, 2012

Prison Break

If you haven't watched this show, your seriously missing out. I'm only I think 8 episodes in and I am completely hooked!

I do have to admit I sorta have a thing for Prison shows, don't know why so don't ask. But this is so far fetched from real know from my love of prison shows.

The main character, Michael Schofield get sent to prison to purpose to try and break out his brother who is on death row, Lincoln Burrows.  Michael had gotten a hold of the prisons blueprints before he was sent to prison and have them tattooed on him. As weird as that sounds its actually super cool!!

Thats that in a nutshell, so much happens its unbelievable how much happens. Like I said 8 episodes in and I am hooked...I was hooked just off of episode one. Its currently on netflix :)

I am also super upset I cant watch this show again until Friday since The Hubs is in the field for the week.

What shows are you hooked on?


Our Family of Four said...

oh i will have to start that one! i always watch prison shows too- all the dumb ones like solitary confinement and stuff. they intrigue me! haha.
i have been watching sister wives.. soooo dumb, but i can't quit. haha. good thing I'm almost done with it all. mike and i like to watch lost sometimes too! we are a tv family. haha.

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