Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What's Sleep?

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The last few days I have had a horrids night sleep...Why?

1. We have Cockroaches in our house.
2. Evelyns not sleeping.

Now the cockroaches just give me the hebe-gebies...I doubt I spelled that right. Every time I get even a little touched I am flipping out. But its not bothering me so bad.

Evelyn on the other hand is driving me up the wall! I seriously love my girl, but she's gonna make me go nuts. All I want is to SLEEP! She wakes up every 1 to 2 hours at night, just to complain! I am pretty sure there is a tooth coming out, like 95% sure. But this is insane. I've never had a problem with her having teeth. Ever. I finally felt a little lucky that my daughter just loves sleep that much. Wrong!

Last night at 12:30 the husband and I both got up with her put her on the floor in her room and tried to calm her down and feed her. Do anything to make her go to bed. We finally decided to give her tylenol and teething tables along with some nighttime oragel. She slept 2 hours.

I delt with her all night begging her to sleep. I put her in bed with us and she just thought it was play time, so back in bed she went. I ignored her for 15 minutes trying to see if she'd just go back to sleep on her own but she cried and did her "MMM" sounds. So at 6 I finally just said EFF IT! and woke up and brought her into the living room. I did not at all feel bad turning on Mickey Mouse for her while I laid on the couch about ready to burst into tears.

At 8 she finally decided to go back to bed, and I didnt even care. I went to bed too! and when she woke up and hour later, I made sure to yell tell my husband to get his ass out of bed so I could sleep. As much as he hated that he finally did it. Thank the lord! I slept till 10:45. MMMAZING.

I dont know how long this is gonna take for her to sleep normal again but damn it, it better happen soon! I also ordered the Baby Wise book, my own methods dont work anymore. I need professional help.


Natalie and Remington said...

Oh no! not looking forward to the teething stage. I'm already up every two hours with my newborn. Hope things get better for the both of us!!

Chantal said...

Oh you know I'm having the same issues. Hang in there! (On a related note, I got an amber teething necklace for Penny on a recommendation of a friend. Check them out! The reviews have me encouraged. I hope it works!)

Audrey Spence said...

I bet some of it could just be the change of moving and you guys were on a trip too. So once it all gets back to the norm I bet she'll be good. And yuck to the cockroaches! I hate them and they looooove humid places. One thing I don't miss about CA. Good luck getting rid of them!

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